Halloween Activities for Elementary (with lots of freebies)

 This unit integrates Halloween into math, literacy, and art! Differentiated for
 Kinder, 1st, and 2nd grades (with B/W options available).

Over 100 pages including:
Scoop and Sort Place Value
Problem Solving
October Battleship
Place Value Game
Bat Writing
Spider Writing
Spelling Game
Q-Tip Skeleton
Paper Plate Spider with Writing
Paper Plate Scarecrow
Hand Print Spider with Poem
Spider Web Chart
Don't Munch the Mummy! (sight word game)
Reading Response Activity
Interactive read-a-loud
Original Poem
Green Witch, Green Witch book 
Student Mini-Book
Class Book
Word Search


• This writing pack contains two parts – 4 Halloween Writing
Assignments and 5 October themed journal pages.
• Each of the 4 Halloween Writing Assignments have a
brainstorm page
• 3 different differentiated writing pages for
each of the Halloween Writing Assignments. 
• 2 different grading rubrics. 
This unit was originally created for grades 3-6, but I've had teachers of younger grade levels use this and love it too. With my update, I created differentiated writing pages so it can be used will all grade levels K-6.

3-6 example:

K-2 Example:


Want some free downloads?

This will be a quick, fun drawing activity. Then, we'll share our pages in small groups because you know your students are dying to talk about what they did the night before.  

I'm loving the Hello FontsMoffatt Frames and KPM Doodles!

Then, we graphed whether or not we thought spiders were scary! We used the free app on our iPad called Doodle Buddy

We recorded our results on Cara Carroll's cutest recording sheet {here}.

And then we wrote an opinion piece (Common Core Opinion Writing) about if we were afraid of spiders.  We supported our opinion with 2 reasons why! 

We also wrote an informational piece on what we learned about spiders and you can see how we did that {here}. 

Then, we did some of these in math! We are working on counting on and counting back, so our equations are simple. 


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