Small Groups Reading Instruction (AKA Guided Reading)

So you've got your guided reading books and you read the book with your group. Now WHAT?  Do you need some games and activities to target certain reading skills? I've got you covered for grades K-3.  Each pack comes with over 50 games, activities, graphic organizers, and teaching tools. There are games and activities for comprehension, vocabulary, fluency and phonics.

Here are a few items included (remember there are OVER 50). 

I am a first grade teacher, but I use everything in the 2nd grade pack as well because I had some really high readers this year! Some of the items overlap with K/1, so please be aware of that. 

I had one of my favorite teacher-friends Brittany help me create a pack that is perfect for 3rd graders. I use this pack with my highest readers and it's helped me teach skills to them that I would not have even thought to teach (#firstgradeteacherforlife). The games that help reinforce the skills are fun, effective and the students love them! 


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