Student Teachers are the Best!

Do you have a student teacher or are you getting one?  Or, are YOU a student teacher? I have just the thing for you!
I've created this packet to help your student teacher feel comfortable, organized, and ready to go! :)

Ready, Set, Go! Getting Your Student Teacher Off to a Great Start!

This customizable packet is full of resources to compile and put in a binder for your student teacher {or for yourself, if you are a student teacher}. What a great way to show your student teacher that you care? They will feel loved and organized and a lot less overwhelmed! Each page comes in color and black/white!

Included in this student teacher packet:
*Binder Cover {2 options}
*Welcome Letter
*Schedule Form
*Lesson Plan Template
*Helpful Hints Form
*About our Class Form
*Class Roster
*Behavior Management Idea Forms
*Weekly Planner {To-do list}
*Website Resources
*Bright Ideas 
*Student Teacher About Me Page
*Student Teaching Survival Kit {Gift Idea}

** This packet comes in a zip file with a PowerPoint {customizable} and PDF file!

I've got my Student Teacher Survival Kit that you'll give them on their first day, along with a binder, and their own little desk in our classroom:

This is a gift idea that is in this packet! It's called the Student Teaching Survival Kit:

Click {here} to see more!

New Year's and Winter Writing

It's so crazy that we started this blog almost 5 years ago and some of you have been around this whole time.  Cheers to new readers, old readers, and anyone in between. Thank you for supporting us and reading our teaching ideas. Here's to a fabulous 2015!
Here are some fun printables for those frigid, dark, freezing, jittery, and down right cold winter days!  I initially shared these 4 years ago!

Enjoy these free downloads by clicking one of the pictures (they are all in one download)

Fonts and clipart copyright Dianne J. Hook

Christmas in the {Computer} Classroom

I have to admit…

I love my computer teaching job, but I always get sad around any type of holiday. I miss my 5th graders. I miss having my own group of students. I miss planning parties, getting student gifts ready, and doing fun Christmas crafts. 

Even though I'm not in a regular classroom setting anymore, it doesn't mean I can't have some holiday fun. I have found a few great ways to mix curriculum, technology, and the holidays into my lesson plans!

First of all, I made this Holidays Around the World Webquest for my students to do this year. I made it specifically for my 6th graders because they are studying world history. It's a great Internet research activity but also touches on the social studies curriculum. My students loved learning about the ways that different countries celebrate the holidays. {Read more HERE!}

Another way I'm adding Christmas into my classroom this year, is this fun, *new* Common Core aligned writing project! In our state (Utah!), all 5th graders take a persuasive writing assessment at the end of the year. As the computer teacher, I wanted to help our 5th grade teachers out by creating a fun project for my students to do in the lab with me. This will be *perfect* for my students because it will give them another dose of how to write an essay, help them work on their typing and word processing skills, and it will be a fun activity to do the week before we leave for Christmas break! I know my students will love writing letters to Santa persuading him to add their name to the "nice list" this year! {Read more HERE!}

After we finish our projects, we'll hopefully have time for some fun computer games. is a great website to find educational games for kids. Here's a peek at some of their holiday games. 

My younger students will also be writing letters to Santa. They will type a friendly letter to Santa and will include their Christmas lists. They'll also have some time to do some Christmas-themed websites. is another great website for younger students. I like these Snowman and Gingerbread Man activities. 

I'm super excited for the fun week ahead. I know students will be a little SUPER crazy, but we are so close to the break, I can almost feel it! YAY!!

Just for fun, here's a picture of my new little baby meeting Santa for the first time!

Is there anything sweeter than a baby's 1st Christmas?! 
I can NOT wait to cuddle him and kiss those chubby cheeks all Christmas break!! 

*  *  *  *  *

Because there's only a week left before the holiday break begins, I have discounted these Christmas items in my store


Christmas for the Classroom Giveaway

A lovely group of teacher bloggers decided to join forces to just say THANK YOU! Thank you for following along on our teaching journey!  We are doing a Christmas in the Classroom giveaway and there are two parts to it. Thank you to Maria from Kinder Craze who organized all of this.

First up, you can win a laser printer!  WHAT? For REAL.  Just click the Rafflecopter below to get entered. It's as easy as that. I have a laser colored printer in my classroom and it's amazing.  I never have to leave my classroom. ;)

Natalie and I also put together a Scentastional giveaway for you!  In our second giveaway, you can win both a Scentsy Warmer with a scent bar PLUS the Doterra Essential Oils intro pack.  I'm a huge fan of both products.  I have a Scentsy warmer in every room in my house and right now it smells just like Christmas in my house thanks to my sister Tricia, who is an independent Scentsy consultant.  Natalie sells Doterra oils and I (Rachelle) just LOVE them.  I use peppermint when I have a headache, lemon oil for homemade cleaning products, and a few drops of lavender in my bathtub to calm me down. They're my favorite! 

Now.... after you entered both giveaways, head to the other fabulous blogs to enter their giveaways too!

Cyber Sale Wrap Up & More!

I don't know about you, but I am exhausted!! After Thanksgiving dinner with two families, black Friday shopping, and the Cyber Monday & Tuesday Sale, I am just about ready to fall over! Is it okay to start counting down to Christmas break already?

It's become a tradition around here to showcase all the amazing purchases we bought during the sale. It's so fun to see everyone's goodies and see some of the great teaching resources and other products we might have missed during the sale.

Here are a few of the things we bought:

Check out the linky party going on over at Blog Hoppin' to see what other great things bloggers picked up during the sale!

Blog Hoppin

Big news! I have something exciting to share.

My husband just finished a Doodle Border set!! I've been begging him for months and months (and months….) to make some new borders for me. I'm soooooo excited to start using these in my new products. It's so nice to have a husband who can help me with my TPT creations! 

If you'd like to purchase these, they are now available in my TPT store. And because I didn't have them posted in time for the sale, they will be discounted until Friday night. These thin page borders can be used for personal, classroom, and commercial use.

Two more important things:

If you wanted to buy a Silhouette Cameo or Portrait, their holiday pricing is still in effect until December 8th! There are 4 different deals to choose from, but this one is my favorite:

Buy one for yourself AND give one to a friend! That's my kind of Christmas shopping!! Just make sure to use the checkout code: SAVE4TEACHERS!!

Also, just a reminder about the great discount Chevrolet is offering to teachers. If you're in the market for a new car, now would be an excellent time! 

What  did  YOU buy during the sale? 
Comment below and tell us what you bought!

Christmas in the Classroom + Cyber Tuesday Sale!!

Yay for day two of the Cyber Monday & Tuesday Sale at TeachersPayTeachers!! I don't know about you, but my cart keeps getting longer as I find new things I need/want to buy! 

{Cute graphic made by Amy Lemons}

I was thinking about all the Christmas resources Rachelle and I have posted over the years. (This is our 4th Christmas as bloggers!) We have quite the collection of Christmas and holiday items in our stores. I wanted to highlight a few of our favorite packs and give you all some ideas of some things that you might want to use in your classroom this month. {Hint: make sure to see some Christmas freebies at the bottom of this post!}

Click {here} to check it out!

Random Acts of Christmas Kindness:
Click {here} to check it out!

Christmas Addition and Subtraction Centers:
Click {HERE} to check it out!

Winter Writing Workbook:
Click {HERE} to check it out!

Christmas Around the World - Parts 1 & 2:
Click {HERE} to check it out!

Holidays Around the World Webquest:
Click {HERE} to check it out!

And here are some of our favorite Christmas FREEBIES!

 Free Reindeer & Caribou Graphic Organizers

FREE My Christmas Story writing pack

To see ALL of our Christmas/Holiday blog posts, click {HERE!}

What are some of your favorite holiday 
traditions in your class?
Leave a comment and let us know!

Webquest! (Holidays Around the World)

I am super excited about my new Webquest activity!! 

This 'Holidays Around the World' pack is the perfect way to mix technology integrated lessons, online research, and the fun holiday season! Your students will love using your computers or iPads to learn more about how different countries celebrate holidays in different parts of the world. 

A webquest is a fun way for students to conduct online research projects. Students will use inquiry-based learning to complete the six steps of a webquest: introduction, task, process, resources, evaluation, and conclusion.

Here's what you'll find in this pack:
Cover Page
Table of Contents
Teacher Instructions
Student Instructions
QR Code List
Website List
Country List 1
Country List 2
Blank Country List
Venn Diagram
1-2-3 Chart
Final Project Example 
Final Project Example (large)
Grading Rubric

Everything you'll need to complete this project is included in this pack! Just follow the teacher instructions, copy the student pages, and you'll be all set and ready to go!! 


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