Let's Taco Bout Me!

Bulletin Board Title:  LET'S TACO BOUT ME!

I have to share this because it's my favorite bulletin board all year!  I first teach the kiddos about similes. We read Crazy like a Fox and talk about similes. Then, we write our own {download here} and put it on this bulletin board!  I just bought chili pepper fabric from Wal-Mart and used that as my background. The sombrero came from the Dollar Store.  I made the tacos from brown paper bags and Easter grass. 

What's your favorite bulletin board idea?


Runde's Room said...
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Runde's Room said...

This is such a CUTE idea - love it!!! It would also be great as a back-to-school bulletin board with the students posting information about themselves.

Deedee Wills said...

Totally cute! Muchos Gracias!
Mrs. Wills Kindergarten

Tiffany said...

Great idea! Definitely filing this one away. My favorite bulletin board was one I did last year in 4th grade. Students worked in groups to come up with synonyms for overly used adjectives (typically called tired words). I laminated the cards that they wrote them on and put them in library card pockets with the tired word on the front. My theme last year was dogs, so I titled the board "A new leash on old words" (a new lease on life). I put up cute dog themed cutouts along with the library pockets :) The students could pull the cards out to make their writing even better! TFS


Anonymous said...

What's MY favorite bulletin board idea? Duh! THAT one!

SUCH a creative and clever idea and what an amazing way to teach similes and have a bulletin board that is the envy of everyone at school!

You are amazing! Thanks so much for sharing and I promise not to take ANY of the credit when I steal this idea! I have already credited "What the Teacher Wants" with about 10 of the ideas I got from you!


The Lesson Plan Diva- Teacher Resources said...

This is so cute! I love it!

Lesson Plan Diva

Mamafus said...

Such a cute bulletin board! Of course, now I have Toby Keith's song, "I Wanna Talk About Me" running through my head, but I am definitely going to use the bulletin board idea. Thanks a bunch!

Llama said...

How fun! Thanks for sharing!

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