You're one in a melon!

 Hi bloggy friends! I like you. I think you're "one in a melon" {this will make more sense as you keep reading}!  I know I don't ask for much, but today- I need your help!  If you feel like you can offer your advice or ideas, just leave me a comment or email me {}.

Question 1:

How do you get projects funded on Donors Choose?  I've written a project and only had 2 donations AND IT EXPIRES THIS MONTH! I feel super bummed!  I really want this ipod so that my kiddos can use it during Daily 5 next year {my first year doing Daily 5}.  Any tips on getting projects funded, especially ipods mean ilearn {<----click to see it}?

Question 2:

Do you have any brilliant ideas for my new classroom theme next year? I debated on doing Hollywood or Dr. Seuss, but then I decided on.....drum roll please......FOOD! I know, right? Weird. Do you get the title of the post now?   It'll be like a cooking/food theme. I want to know any play on words you have, bulletin board ideas, etc. I was inspired by this new DJ Inkers Bulletin board set:
Picture from

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