Rabbit Research for the Common Core

We are researching rabbits this week (all week) and guess what?!?!?  I found someone to bring in a pet rabbit on Wednesday to surprise my students. I AM SO EXCITED! They are seriously going to scream (but hopefully not...because I don't want to scare the bunny). We are fitting in some major informational writing this week and that makes our Common Core hearts happy, happy, happy! (But don't worry, if you don't want to research rabbits, I've included blank sheets so you can research any animal AND it can align with any not-so-common-core-standards!)

Included in this Informational Writing Pack:
Graphic Organizers (5)
Vocabulary Cards
Writing paper (5)
5 Sentences Writing Poster
Rabbit Craft
Generic Graphic Organizers (in case you don't want to research rabbits)
Generic Writing Paper

Click {here} to check it out! 


Annie Moffatt said...

Looks ADORABLE!!!!

alawson said...

This is great!

First Grade Buddies said...

This is super! What a great, kid friendly way to introduce research in the classroom!

:) Tamra and Sarah
First Grade Buddies

Traci - Dragonflies in First said...

Shut Up!! How cute is that silly rabbit!?!
This unit looks adorable. LOVE that graphic organizer with the carrots. I used to have a bunny that hopped around my room throughout the day! It was litter box trained! The kids loved him.

Kelley Cirrito said...

I love it! What a cute and clever idea! I bet the kids don't even realize they are doing work! ;)

Sarah Paul said...

Super cute! This looks great Rachelle. Hope you have a wonderful Easter!
Sarah's First Grade Snippets

Anna Howell said...

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David Thomason said...

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