And Then I Brought a Rabbit to School...

AND IT WAS SO FUN! If you read my post from the other day, you'll know that we've been researching rabbits all week and at the end of the week, I wanted to bring in a bunny!  Believe me... my student teacher and I were SUPER nervous about this little Bunny Foo Foo hopping around our classroom, but it was seriously a blast!

First, I put my students in groups so that they could research rabbits and fill out their graphic organizer:

 The next day, we read lots of books about rabbits and we did a shared writing and wrote an informational piece together as a class:

Day #3, they took everything that they had learned and wrote their own informational writing:

Next, they made their cute paper-plate rabbits and I hung them up in the hall:

And there you have it! Every ONE of my students will be asking their parents for a pet rabbit! YIKES!

Snag a freebie from this packet, right {here}!

All of this (including the bulletin board letters), can be found in my Rabbit Research Pack! Make sure you re-download if you've already bought because I added a few pages this morning!  Happy spring break to ME! :)

And my sweet friend Cheryl just uploaded a little extension on my vocabulary cards that I put in my packet! Check out her FABULOUS vocab book!!!

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