New Rainbow Theme - Class Job Chart

The good/bad thing about moving classrooms is that you have to get to redecorate your whole classroom all over again!

This year, I've chosen a rainbow theme and I'm soooooooo excited about it! I'm excited to have some fun bright colors in my classroom and play around with sunshine, blue skies, and puffy clouds! 

Here is a rainbow themed class job chart I've created to go along with my theme. It will create a super cute bulletin board in your class and help your students take responsibility and feel ownership in the class! 

This pack contains the following 16 jobs:

Class President 
Vice President 
Supply Manager 
Pencil Sharpener 
Lunch Bucket 
Counter Cleaner 
Recycle Coordinator 
Floor Keeper 
Energy Saver 
Paper Passer 
Line Leader 
Substitute Helper

This pack also includes: 
bulletin board header
explanation of each job 
4 blank job cards
large and small name cards

Do you need a class job chart to match the theme in your class? If so, leave a comment and let me know which theme and color combos you'd like. I plan to make many different sets of these class jobs this summer!

P.S. Click here to see my patriotic themed set from last year. 


Unknown said...

I would LOVE an owl-themed one with nice bright colors! All of your products are so pretty!

Literacy Without Worksheets said...

I love the rainbow idea! I love bright colors :) What a great resource for teachers!!!!

Literacy Without Worksheets

Mary Hall said...

This is a great pack! My room has a detective/mystery theme with hints of primary colors...would love a pack with that theme. :)

~Mary Hall Lester

Dani said...

We're going to be classroom theme twins next year, so this is perfect for me! I just may have to get this ... I need to get better about classroom jobs!

A Place to Thrive

Rachel said...

Love the Class Job set...amazing!! I would love to purchase an aqua and lime green set. :)

lace said...

How do you introduce jobs to students? I've never had them before but would like to!

Unknown said...

I would love a frog themed set!

Unknown said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Unknown said...

I would absolutely love a turtle theme with bright pink, aqua, green and yellow! I would be so excited to see that product! :-)

Thanks, Kelli

Sarah R ;) said...

I really want to do the LORAX!! Got any cute stuff for that :) your blog :)

Unknown said...

I am doing an Orange & Navy theme and can't find anything anywhere :) Chevron or polka dots..Thanks for sharing everything! Love it!

Unknown said...

These are great! I'm moving classrooms as well, but I love decorating, so I don't mind. Plus we got great new classroom tables and chairs! I would love to have some of your products in my classroom, I'll have to take a look :)

lace said...

Blue (bright) and orange would be great!!

Unknown said...

Great tips everybody. Thanks! I even have a giant colorful sign on my schoolroom that claims 'If not Pine Tree State, who? If not currently, when?'. I refer the kids to the current whenever there's a large number to scrub up, or employment to be done.job chart It's nice to listen to them say it to themselves typically, as they devour a born pencil or one thing (that wasn't even!). I additionally love the method you visit your students as 'friends'. may strive it....

Rebecca Antinozzi said...

Great tips, I really like this post. Thank you for this post.

mariajemmison said...

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