Teachers Love Pilot Pens!

Let's be honest - all teachers love pretty, colorful pens! 
Am I right?

When Pilot approached us about reviewing some of their new pens, we of course said, "YES!!"

We received a beautiful package in the mail filled with...  

Here's a peek at some of their pens:

We absolutely love Pilot's erasable line of pens and highlighters! 
They are perfect for lesson planning. No more crossing out those mistakes. These pens aren't your jr. high erasable pens (remember those?).  They are legit!  I use them in my Erin Condren planner and they write so smoothly. When my plans change, I can easily erase and re-schedule. And they also have erasable HIGHLIGHTERS? I was in awe of this (me, Rachelle). I pretty much highlighted and erased all the things in the world today.  

You've gotta getcha some Pilot pens and highlighters!  They are easily our most favorite pen, ever.  

The best part? You can get them pretty much at any of your favorite stores (Target, Walmart, etc.)


Kristine White said...

I love love love my G2 pens!! I'm definitely going to have to pick up some erasable pens and highlighters! Thanks for the review!

Elementary Stories said...

I have the clickable erasable pens and I love them! They make doing plans more fun! ~ Lisa

Katie Knight said...

Say what!?! Are you kidding! On my way to Target now!!!

Shelly Anton said...

These look amazing...and thanks for the flashback to junior high erasable pins! LOL They just never wrote smmothly, but you were cool if you had one! Thank you for sharing!
~Shelly Anton
Promoting Success Blog

Unknown said...

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