Favorite Freebies

Can you believe that we have been blogging here for almost 5 years? WOW!  It's been such a fun ride and we will continue to share our ideas with you. I hope that people still read our blog!!! HAHA!

I just wanted to stop by and share our favorite freebies with you from the past 5ish years!

Eye Spy Time {Click here to download}:

Put the clocks around the room and have your students walk around with a clipboard "spying" the analog clocks and writing the digital times on their recording sheet.  Easy, peasy, lemon, squeezey {mac and cheezy}! The best part is, I include the clocks for you to use and they are blank so that you can write in your own times.

Writing Prompts {Click here to download}:

 These are writing prompts and paper that I use throughout the whole year. There are over 25 of them...all for you! :)  I put them in writing centers, sometimes use them in whole group lessons, and even use them as "fast finishers". The kiddos love them!  

Here are some of my favorites {and the kiddos too}!

Spring Fever Behavior Management {Click here to download}:

Are your kiddos feeling the spring fever or are you the one going stir crazy!?
This management tip is used on our 1st grade team but will work in any classroom. 
It's great for springtime spring fever.
You need 2 Easter baskets and plastic Easter eggs (you need double the amount of eggs as you have students...so if you have 25 students, you need 50 plastic Easter eggs).  Can anyone say Dollar Tree?

In basket #1, you fill the eggs with the students' names (one name in each egg).  In the other basket, you fill the eggs with strips of papers that have prize names on them.

Randomly throughout the day/week, pick a student to come and pick an egg out of the name basket.  They open up the egg and read the name {or you can pick from the basket instead of having a student do it-I just like to involve everyone}. If that student is on task they get to pick an egg from the prize basket (If they are not on task, you just quietly put the egg back and the students know that someone that was picked was not on task).  Here is a list of the prizes I giveaway. Some of them might not be applicable to you, but you can just leave those out.

After the winning student gets their prize, you also give them one of these certificates!  It makes them feel so good and you'll have VERY on task students all week.   

{Click HERE to download certificates}

clipart and or fonts from DJ Inkers (djinkers.com)


We Teach Like A Rockstar said...

We love reading your blog! Always have...and always will. THANKS for sharing your favorite freebies!!! Amber ~ Kindergarten Rocks Blog

Mrs. Wheeler said...

I've been using your eye spy time since back in the daaaaaaayy! Still a favorite! Thanks!

Carla said...

Great post and thanks for the freebies.
Carla at Comprehension Connection

Positively Learning said...

Thank you so much for sharing - the writing prompts are headed to the copier ASAP and the eggs are coming out next week :)

Ginger Snaps said...

I actually had a very similar idea for the Easter Eggs! I bought a ton the other week and was going to fill them with prizes for random students to come pick from! I love the twist of drawing a name and if they aren't on task, placing them back.

~Christina said...

I love your egg idea!!! Perfect for spring fever, just pinned it!
:) Christina

~Christina said...

I love your egg idea!!! Perfect for spring fever, just pinned it!
:) Christina

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