99¢ Clip Art Sale!!

I have a little secret for ya'll… Did you know that I'm married to Davy Crockett? I know that I go by "Natalie Kay" here on my blog and in my TPT store, but Kay is my middle name and my last name is actually Crockett. Annnnd my husband's name is David, but has always gone by Davy. (Hid dad is also David, so he's always gone by Davy. If you ask him, he'll say he hates it! And please don't ever sing the song to him… haha!)

Anyways, my sweet husband's birthday is coming up and I wanted to celebrate by throwing a little clip art sale for him! He is a pretty talented artist that does graphic design in his spare time. Occasionally he comes out with a pack of clip art for me to put in my TPT store

If you're looking for some doodle borders, arrows, thought bubbles,  or some school graphics, pick them up this weekend while they are on sale for 99¢

I'd love if you could help me show some love to him and motivate him to make some more clip art packs for me!

Click on the picture links below:

The best part of using these graphics is that the TOU's are super simple! You may use them for personal, classroom, and commercial use! (Giving credit is appreciated, but not necessary.)

Thanks for helping me celebrate!! 

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