End of Year Teacher Problems

Yesterday Rachelle posted this picture on Instagram:

And we immediately started getting comments from people who all said the same things! No tissues, no hanitizer (our favorite 1st grade word), no glue, etc. 

So, I came up with a cute little poem asking parents to send in supplies to help you get through the end of the year.

Simply print this off (I included a full page and a quarter page version) and send it home with your students. Hopefully you'll have a few parents who will be happy to donate supplies to help get you through until the end of year!

(You can thank me later. Ha!)

So… we want to hear from you! What are some more of your end of year teacher problems? Which supplies are you out of? Have you ever added water to your hand-sanitizer or glue bottles to help them last longer? 

Please share your ideas in the comments!


Unknown said...

So sweet! Thank you :)

Unknown said...

This is TOO cute! Such a great idea. It seems so difficult/needy to always ask parents for donations and this is just an amazing and creative way to do it! So much more fun! Thank you for sharing.

Hanne said...

I'm an art teacher and the lack of glue is defintely becoming an issue!
Also: certain paint colors are gone and tables start to look desperate for a good clean-up.

Mrs. Wyman said...

Another great way to get exactly what you are looking for is Sign Up Genius. I use this for a supplies campaign in the fall and then again mid year to stock up. What I love is that families can sign up for what fits their budget.

Tiffani said...

copy paper, and construction paper. We haven't had construction paper all year. This year all the supplies were locked up for fear of teacher hoarding.

Betty Albert said...

Perfect! I love it! Thanks!

Hedgehog Reader said...

What a cute idea! (I have added water to "hanitizer" - love that new word! - more times than I can count!) I love this poem - it really covers what is always needed this time of year - and the request is presented in such a sweet way! Thank you for sharing! :o)

Jess said...

I just created a wish list last week for our weekly newsletter. I actually got a lot of supplies it was great! Such a cute poem!

Lory said...

Thank you for the poem!! Do you think it's appropriate to inform them that my Diet Pepsi stash is running low, too? :) xo

Anonymous said...

What a cute poem! We are definitely running out of tissues in the preschool! A parent brought in two boxes the other day and we were saved!


Mrs. Cain's Creations said...

I'm a glue stick kind of teacher (white glue is too hectic for me) and every time I turn around, the glue stick insides are falling out because they are EMPTY! AHHH! Our glue projects will be kept to a minimum from here on out!

Mrs. Cain's Creations

Melissa Williams said...

Yep, we are out of tissues, glue, dry erase markers and very soon on pencils...not sure if we will make it to the end of the year! Thanks for the freebie!
First Grade Frame of Mind

kels said...

We've been out of tissues since February! :(

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