Help for the First Days of School

As much as I wish summer could last forever, it seems as though 'Back to School' season is officially upon us! I have meetings starting next week and then our new little batch of sweet smiling faces will join us the week after that. It's such an exciting time for teachers, but with it also comes feelings of anxiety and stress. 

We all have heard that the first few days of school are the most important. I've written about this on our blog a few different times  here and here. It's a scary job knowing that we need to make sure to teach our students our expectations starting on day one if we want to have a successful year.

For this reason, I have created a new resource:

I have to admit that this was something I never intended to make. My goal was to give all our wonderful blog readers (you!) the tools they needed to create their own set of rules, classroom management system, and list of procedures. But after 4 years of people asking me to provide them with an editable version of my old PowerPoint presentation, I finally gave in after I read these two sweet comments: 

For the first time, I realized that I could save teachers a WHOLE lot of valuable get-ready-for-scool time if I could create a version of this PowerPoint that was ready and easy for teachers to fill in on their own.  So that is exactly what I've done. I've created a cute, kid-friendly PowerPoint template that is editable. You simply follow my prompts to create your own set of rules, management system, and procedures list and adapt it to fit the needs of your own classroom.

Here's a peek of what's inside:

And here's a little note I added that will give you some extra information about this resource:

Just to answer some more of the questions you might have, here is some information you might be wondering about:

This resource will be extremely helpful to you as you create your own classroom management plan and develop your own set of classroom procedures for the coming school year. This PowerPoint has two purposes: 

1) To be a guide and walk you through the important classroom rules and procedures you should be teaching your students during your first few days of school.

2) To use in your own classroom as a PowerPoint to help you teach your students all about your management system classroom rules, and procedures. 

I hope you will find it useful and I hope it will be a huge time saver for you! 

This document will help you:
-Explain why rules are important
-Identify and explain your classroom rules
-Establish a classroom management system
-Discuss positive and negative consequences
-Create ways to offer positive reinforcement
-Describe what a procedure is and why they are important

These procedures have been included in this download:
-How to sit in the chair for learning
-How to come in to class
-How to walk in the halls
-Procedure for going to the bathroom
-Procedure for getting a drink
-How to sharpen a pencil
-Procedure for asking questions
-How to get the attention of your students
-Procedure for early finishers
-Procedure for turning in homework
-Procedure for dismissal
-What to do when absent
(I have provided extra pages for you to add anything that I may have missed.)

I wish every single one of you a happy and successful school year!! Good luck as you all go back to school!!

If you have any more questions 
or comments or words of advice 
for the first days of school, 
please leave them in the comments! 


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