Organizing for a Substitute {Sub Tub}

A few weeks ago, I shared how I organize my "teacher stuff".  This is part 2 of the ABC's of Organization! Just a reminder that you might want to download some freebies:

I will be doing a short series on organizing your classroom. You'll want to download {these} FREE handouts.  Up next this week is Organizing for a SUB!

Sub Tub with binder and all lesson supplies (grab the tub tag here)
Positive reinforcements-green basket (Brownie Points and Smarty Pants Tickets)
Technology hookups- blue basket
Sub Treat (pack of gum)

 You can find this cute {editable cover and ALL the forms inside HERE}

Behind the binder are files with all of the activities my sub will be doing with my students. In the folders there are also the picture books that each lesson associates with.

I ALWAYS leave extra books for my sub to read "just in case". 

Don't forget to leave the necessities in close reach.

Positive reinforcements (Brownie Points and Smarty Pants Tickets)
Can you see that blue sheet taped to my desk in the bottom-right? That is my class list.  I tape it to my desk so that it's always there for my sub (and for me too!)

 Depending on my substitute and what lessons they'll be teaching, I might leave directions on how to use the simple technology in my classroom.  You can snag that (here). It'll obviously be different in your classroom, but you can get an idea on how to write your own. 

 Leave some love for your sub! Download it for free {here}

 I hope I gave you some ideas on how to organize for your substitute!  If you'd like some forms to put in your binder you can Click {here} to check it out!


Mrs. Agent said...

I'm trying to figure out my sub plans for my maternity leave! I want it to be organized and easy for her to figure out! Great post! said...

As a sub, I appreciate this. Things for teachers to remember that are usually missed:
1: Food allergies. Happened once. PB&J sandwich came out for snack. I was unaware until the allergic child started crying. And started the others yelling at the offender.

2: Emergencies. All codes should be in folder.

3: If the class phone doesn't work, who can run to the nearest teacher if in-class emergency arises?

I can't tell you the number of times I've come in and can't find books. Or a sheet for absentees. Or the envelope for the lunch count......


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