The Borrow Bucket

This is one of my favorite management tools to date!  Do you have students who are CONSTANTLY losing supplies?  I sometimes want to ScReAm when they come up to me 10 minutes after they should have STARTED working and ask me if I have any scissors they can borrow because they lost their pair! :)  So, I have created the "Borrow Bucket" that my students can use when they've lost something.

I used Washi Tape on each of the items (scissors, pencils, erasers, and glue) so that I can identify if the students are trying to "hoard" the borrow bucket items. :)  I only put pencils in the borrow bucket because sometime (hahaha), I forget to sharpen the pencils in our regular pencil bin. ;)

Click {here} to download!


Unknown said...

I love the borrow bucket. I think its a great idea. Reeves

Lory said...

Cute idea... it is a pet peeve of mine too... aahhhh!

Olga Parker said...

Really nice idea, and the bucket lets patiently treat the students who always lose their items. You do a great job, thanks! )))

Yanglish said...

Really wonderful idea.

Unknown said...


Heidi said...

This is a fantastic idea! My students are losing things all of the time and it would be wonderful to have a way for them to get what they need without having to check in with me each time. I am definitely going to use this! Thank you. :)

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owlba said...

THANK YOU for this idea! I will implement this when I get back to class on Monday. Very creative!

color switch said...

I think that’s a brilliant idea.

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