Teacher Binders, Forms, and More!

Today's Monday Management post is all about staying organized. Over the years I have a created a few different resources that helped me to stay better organized. I'd love to share some of these resources with you to help you stay more organized this year!

#1. Teacher Binder:

Having a teacher binder is a must! This is the place for you to store all your loose papers and anything you need to save for later. I usually use dividers in mine and have a place for extra grading sheets, important school papers, and whatever else you don't want to lose. 

Here is a copy of my new Binder Covers you can download, edit, and put in the front of your very own teacher binder. Spines are included and it is editable so you can add your own name and school year to the cover. I've also included 6 different color choices. Best of all, they will be FREE for the next week!

#2. Parent Communication Log:

At the beginning of the year I would make a 1/2 inch binder and create a  parent communication log binder. I would keep it next to my desk or close by my phone so that I could documents phone calls and other important conversations with parents. My old principal use to make it very clear that having detailed communications records were very important. Hopefully, you won't need to use them, but legally these records could help you out in the future! 

Feel free to print off my Parent Communication Log binder cover and recording sheets. You can print off emails, stick any notes from home, and jot down any notes anytime you need. Download for FREE!

#3. Curriculum Map Template:

I think it's very important to have an updated curriculum map. This will guide your instruction for the year and help you plan each month. Grab this Curriculum Map Template for FREE!

#4. Reading Forms

These reading forms are great to have on hand for for your reading conferences or small guided reading groups. You can keep track of running records, help students set reading goals, and keep track of your mini lessons. Grab these for FREE too!

#5. Sub Plans:

You never know when you're going to have an emergency come up or an unexpected sickness and have to miss a day of school. Keep a master copy of your sub plans handy with a schedule and general outline. Include a roll sheet, important information, and anything else that will save you time in the event of an emergency. No one likes to wake up sick in the middle of the night and have to hurry and write sub plans! 

 This Sub Plan Template from my TPT store is a great template to use to make writing sub plans easier.

Hopefully you can use one or more of these ideas to help you stay a little more organized this year! 



Deb said...

When I click on the reading form it links to the parent communication forms. Just thought you would like to know that so you can correct the link! Looks like great products :) Thanks for sharing them.

maierss said...

2 of the links took me to the wrong forms. Thanks for sharing!!

FreshKPOP said...
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Unknown said...

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