Using Fancy Nancy to Teach Fancy Words

In the Language Standard of the Common Core (specifically the vocabulary and acquisition use), our students should be expanding their vocabulary!

  My students this year just love Fancy Nancy and so I thought why not incorporate synonyms into it!  They've been using their fancy words SO much lately. I'm almost sick of hearing the words humungous, spectacular, fantastic, and superb.  :)  Almost.

Of course, we start off reading Fancy Nancy to introduce Fancy Words (and we continue reading different Fancy Nancy books all week).  I even have some princes in there to get the boys engaged. Here are some fun things we did all week to work on our vocabulary acquisition (that's a fancy word for learning big words).

 We read Fancy Nancy and my students help me make an anchor chart with synonyms:

After the book, we did a little craftivity.  We took the words that we learned and made wands with them (of course I called them wizard wands for the boys and princess wands for the boys).  They wrote their favorite fancy word on the star and drew a picture of the meaning of the word.

This is our Fancy Word Wall (also included in the packet).  My students came up with *most* of those fancy words up there!

To make sure my students are applying what they've learned, I challenge them to use fancy words in their journals. And when they come up to conference with me after journal, if I see any fancy words used correctly, they get to circle them with MY "magic marker". SO precious!!!

Check out my Fancy Word Activities pack {here}!

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Ginger Teacher said...

This looks like great ways to teach new vocabulary words.

Love the ideas :)

Maria Smith said...

We call these $100 words - words students at x grade-level wouldn't ordinarily know.

Elizabeth Wilburn said...

I love the wizard and princess wands! What a great way to display those words.
I like to put little gem stickers above "sparkly" words in student writing. I'm always looking for more ways to amp up vocabulary instruction.
Thanks for sharing!
Teaching Tips and Treasures

Kids said...

definitely is a awesome way to teach

harada57 said...

like great ways to teach new vocabulary words.


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