Extend the Reach of Your Teach

This post is sponsored by VIPKID. As always, opinions are all my own.

Have you heard of VIPKID? I heard about it recently from one of my sweet blogger friends, Nicole. She posted about this amazing opportunity to teach students all the way in China...and she did it from the comfort of her own home. Nicole needed some extra money (she's also a full-time teacher and graduate student) and VIPKID allows you to set your own hours and WORK FROM HOME!

VIPKID is an online English education platform currently with 200,000 Chinese students and 20,000 teachers (most of whom are in the US and Canada). VIPKID designs a unique curriculum for teachers to deliver English classes online in a 1:1 environment right from your own home.

Although Nicole loves making the extra money (while setting her own schedule and working from home), what she loves the most about it is that she became special friends with the Chinese kids. It's a wonderful opportunity for Nicole to share her culture with her Chinese students and learn about the culture of her students from the opposite side of the earth. How awesome is the fact that she can impact the lives of children all the way across the ocean?! Plus, all stories are shared and bonds are built in her own classroom.  She talks to her students about similarities and differences between her American and Chinese students; the students love hearing about how she celebrates holidays, what our school-day looks like, and what Americans kids  do for fun!

  What a fabulous way to extend the reach of your teach to 7,000 miles away!

Nicole initially started teaching with VIPKID because she needed to pay of some debt and she saw the pay was competitive. At the time, she had already tutored with other companies but had to travel to the tutoring center. VIPKID allows you to teach right from home, and eliminates that travel time and gas money. Even though the extra income she made from VIPKID was great, Nicole fell in love with VIPKID as she started to really get to know her students, and she enjoyed her time with them each lesson!

This is a picture of a teacher in the U.S. working in her home office/classroom! She's teaching english to a child in China!

Did you know?
  Started in 2013, VIPKID is the fastest growing online education company globally, with over 200,000 students as of summer 2017
  VIPKID is backed by Kobe Bryant
·      VIPKID is ranked by Forbes as a top 5 work from home job

Special Bonds between VIPKID Teachers & Students
“With VIPKID, I “travel” to China every day. My students showed me the breakfast churros they eat, their school mandatory uniforms, how they celebrate for Chinese New Year, and so many special things. And the sweetest thing is to know that for these little kids, their lives are a little different because of me.”
-       Teacher Nancy 

“I won a trip to Beijing to visit the VIPKID office, my students, and tour China. By the end of the trip, the happiest moment for me was not seeing the Great Wall or the Tiananmen Square, but giving my student a warm, warm hug for the first time!”
-       Teacher Jessica

“My daughter loves her VIPKID teacher. Sometime even an hour before class starts, she would already bring her little chair in front of the computer and start waiting for the teacher.”
-       Student Xiaxia’s mom

VIPKID teachers are often their students’ first friends from outside of their home country, and they really shape these children’s view of the outside world. That is tremendously special for these young souls. 

The anticipation, the endearment, and the respect teachers receive from these children in China are the most magical part of being an VIPKID teacher.

We can tell that there is a very dynamic VIPKID community that supports their teachers!
 Lessons are already created for you and they are 30 minutes long. Think of it is an interactive Skype lesson. You get to add your own flair and creativity to every subject you teach! You do not need to know how to speak Chinese. You just need to have a bachelor's degree and at least one year of teaching experience under your belt. You get to choose your own schedule and can work early in the morning or before bedtime. Sounds like a great opportunity to share your love for teaching children all the way across the world while supplementing your regular teaching income!

Are you ready to find out more?


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