Teacher Style Guide for Back to School

Teachers, as you head back to school and in between buying glue sticks and crayons for your students, please make sure to also treat yourself to some new teacher clothes! I know you're always worried about everyone else besides yourself, so here's your permission to purchase some new clothes just for you this back to school season! 

Please note this posts contains affiliate links.

Here are some of our favorite looks for back to school! And *bonus* everything here is on sale for $22 or less! Can't beat some of these prices!

I'm a total sucker for cute teacher tees! Especially when they have a nice message for students! These Teach Awesome Tees are perfect for jean days, or to pair with some nice dress pants and a cute cardigan any day of the week!

This beautiful Empire Pocket Midi Dress will help you look extra fancy for parent teacher conferences, but it's so comfy you'll feel like your wearing your pajamas all day!

These Lennox Flutter Sleeve tops are super cute! Very professional looking and nice to wear while it's still hot out.

Possibly my favorite shirts are these Colorblock Tunics. I love that they're professional looking, but also long enough to cover up when you're constantly bending down to help students. 

This Ultra Soft Long Cardigan is perfect for early morning  recess duty!  

How about these darling Personalized Heart Tees? Love these!!

Is it too early to order your Christmas Grinch shirt? I think NOT! (FYI - These always sell out quickly every time I see them on Jane.)

Click here to shop all the Jane back-to-school deals!

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