3 Reasons You Need Robots in the Classroom

This blog post is in partnership with Wonder Workshop. All opinions are my own. 

1. STEM integration made-easy (coding!)
My students are learning the basics of coding by using the Wonder App on our classroom iPad.  The Dash robot from Wonder Workshop is ideal for K-6 classroom (if you're looking for something 6th-12th, try the Cue). They go through the engineering process when coding as well. The iPad app easily pairs with your robot. We learned how to make the robot talk, move, and light up- all in one day! The great thing about Wonder Workshop is that it has resources for educators (videos, curriculum, accessories, etc). They've really thought of everything!

We love watching YouTube videos to learn more:

There is also coding curriculum for Dash that is available to educators when your school purchases the robtos.

2. They are SO engaging and fun!
My students are obsessed with our "class pet" named Dash. We use him during STEM rotations and my students work together on an ipad to do block coding. They figure it out on their own because the app is so user-friendly. My students set a timer on the iPad and trade off after 4 minutes each. They collaborate and problem solve when Dash isn't doing quite what they coded him to do.

It's funny that I'm writing this post because here's what 2 of my students wrote today!

3. There are a variety of extensions, apps, curriculum and resources!

Don't worry, when you get a Dash or Cue Robot in your classroom you won't be left to figure it out on your own! There are so many things available to your students and one of them we love is the Sketch Kit. The Sketch Kit is a new accessory for Dash and Cue robots that enables kids to visualize the results from their code on a large-scale, dry-erase surface. Sketch Kit helps kids sketch out their programs so they can share their creations with friends, teachers, and parents. Sketch Kit allows kids to express their creativity and exercise their critical thinking and spatial reasoning skills as they draw geometric shapes, abstract patterns, animals, words, and more.

I would HIGHLY recommend getting a Dash for your classroom! This was me a few months ago figuring out:


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