Holidays Around the World Plans 2018

This year is EXCITING because I have added 8 new countries!  I have now created a Holidays Around the World Part 3. I had so many requests for certain countries that were not included in Part 1 or Part 2. Ask and ye shall receive (but I really wanted the variety for my classroom as well)!

This bundle has 20 countries included
Countries and their corresponding holidays included are: 
  • Netherlands- Feast of Sinterklaas (Clog Craft)
  • Israel- Hanukkah (Dreidel Game)
  • Italy- Day of Epiphany (Broom Craft and Poem)
  • Mexico- Las Posadas (Poinsettia Craft)
  • England- Christmas (Stocking Crafts and Card Writing)
  • Germany- Christmas (Gingerbread Man Craft and Writing)
  • Australia- Christmas (Koala Craft and Writing)
  • Sweden- St. Lucia's Day (Candle Craft)
  • America- Kwanzaa (Bead Bracelet)
  • France- Christmas (Game)
  • Greenland- Christmas (Santa Craft and Letter)
  • India- Diwali (Lamp Craft and Writing)
  • Brazil- Christmas (Sandpaper Snowman)
  • South Africa- Christmas (Bead Christmas Tree)
  • China- Chinese New Year (Fireworks Painting)
  • Saudi Arabia- Eid al-Fitr (Lantern)
  • Russia- New Year's (Nesting Doll Craft)
  • Greece- Christmas (Sailboat Craft and Writing) 
  • United Arab Emirates- Ramadan (Moon and Star Craft)
  • America or Canada- Christmas (Christmas Eve Craft, Christmas (Rudolph Craft, Mad Lib, and Writing) *America/Canada is included in each pack

Something else I've wanted to do FOREVER is make informational slides for each countries that I teach about in Holidays Around the World. There is just not much information out there for so many of the countries/holidays. I have taken what I know and what I've researched/read and put the information in slides with graphics.  There are 20 countries included and 4 slides per country (1 slide with the country's flag and 3 slides with information). 

If you buy Holidays Around the World Bundle (1, 2, 3) you get the informational slides FOR FREE as a bonus! (You can also buy it as a stand-alone product)

I know you're spending your own money on this and I want you to make the most informed decision. Because of the updates I've made the past year, I feel like this product has everything we need to teach Holidays Around the World and not get sick of it each year (there are SO many options, guys!).  Want to know more? I've made this video to describe pretty much everything in the pack so you can see exactly what's included. If you purchase the NEW bundle, you get 20 countries instead of 13! 

If you own Holidays Around the World Bundle (Part 1 and 2), but you still want more countries, Part 3 is the stand-alone pack so you can still get 8 more countries!

  • Brazil- Christmas (Sandpaper Snowman)
  • South Africa- Christmas (Bead Christmas Tree)
  • China- Chinese New Year (Fireworks Painting)
  • Saudi Arabia- Eid al-Fitr (Lantern)
  • Russia- New Year's (Nesting Doll Craft)
  • Greece- Christmas (Sailboat Craft and Writing) 
  • United Arab Emirates- Ramadan (Moon and Star Craft)
  • America or Canada- Christmas (Ornament Watercolor) 



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