Your handwriting is GREAT!

I have a little sneaky motivator in my classroom that I use to help the students with their handwriting.  If I notice that they do a great job and they are really working on forming the letters correctly and taking their time, I will give one student a "Neat Treat"--Well, I actually don't give it to them, I leave it on their desk and the note says that it is from the Handwriting Fairy.  The Handwriting Fairy leaves the neat treat on their desk and they student finds it when they come to school the next day! And the crazy thing is...Mrs. Smith didn't even see a thing! They love getting a treat, especially when it's from a fairy!  This is a great motivator!
I put the treat on their desk along with some "fairy dust".
"Neat Treat"  Good job!  I really like your handwriting.  Keep up the good work!  Love, The Handwriting Fairy

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