BACK-2-SCHOOL {Parent Volunteers}

At the beginning of each year, I send home a Parent Volunteer letter to my parents.  I am fortunate enough to work in a school where parent volunteers are abundant.  Even if some parents cannot come in and volunteer, I give them an opportunity to take projects home.

Here's what my volunteer note looks like:

Here's the form that gets attached, so that the parents can pick their time and how they'd like to help:

I just want to show you how I organize what I want them to do {My teammate Jessica showed me this way}. I keep the items (lamination cut outs, cutting projects, or testing materials) in bins organized by days of the week. If a parent comes in on a Monday he/she can check the Monday bin to see if there is any work for them to do right when they come in. Sometimes I don't have anything in there, that means I have something more specific for them to do. * Don't forget to chat with your volunteers! I always say hello, ask how they are doing, and what not!  It can get kind of hectic, but I always let them know how much I appreciate them.

I also have volunteers who help from home. I send home a "work bag" with something I need for them to help me with. I  include all the supplies needed with a note explaining what I need them to do and when I need it back to school by. Here's what the form looks like for my home volunteers:

This is the bag I send home the project in.

 I usually give them at least a week. Then on my own personal spreadsheet I have all of my at home volunteers on a list. I make sure to mark by their name what I sent home and when it is due. This ensures the parent doesn't forget to send it in and I make sure that I am not sending home tons of stuff with just one parent.

All of these are available to download for free! :)

Fonts: Kevin and Amanda
Clipart: KPM Doodles
             Melonheadz Illustrating 
Frames: Fancy Dog Studio

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