Can you say survival mode? I'm not sure what it is {well, I do know}, but I'm seriously EXHAUSTED at about 4:00pm everyday. I apologize for neglecting you all {or y'all, as my cute friends from the south would say}.  It's been CUH-RAZY here.

Please forgive me for the lack of posting. ;)

I wanted to do a little throw-back Thursday for you! Some of you might have seen this last year, or maybe not.  Enjoy!

I send home a  bag with the kiddo who is the VIP that week. I got the bag from Hobby Lobby and the dog from Wal-Mart.

Inside of the bag:
*Directions for the parents about their childs' VIP week
*Stuffed dog named Andy
*Adventures with Andy book for kids to write in
*Me Sack

VIP Directions:

Adventures with Andy book {I just stick it in a binder and put the writing pages in individual sheet protectors}. The kiddos take Andy home and play with him, then they have a parent help them write about it and draw a picture. This is their FAVORITE! {You can do any stuffed animal. In my student teaching, my cooperating teacher did this cute little frog because her classroom theme was frogs-I got the idea from her!}

The "Me Sack" is a label stuck on a brown paper bag. It's like show and tell, but the items need to be able to tell about the child and it better {p.s. I hate show and tell}. Then, the other students can ask 2 questions and have 2 comments about the items. :)  My friend and teaching buddy Ashlee gave me this fabulous idea. Click {here} to download the labels.

At the beginning of the year, I send home an "All About Me!" poster to return the first week. I like to do that so when their child is the VIP they don't get overwhelmed.    Sorry folks, I got this poster from my teammates and it's not digital!  But I did try to recreate it and you can download it at the bottom of this post {you will need to print it out and then enlarge it on your copy machine to fit on 11X17 paper}.

I'm always the VIP first. :)

Fonts and/or clipart copyright and used with permission from Diane J. Hook {}
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