What We've Been Doing!

We've been working on getting our classrooms ready and nothing has been more fun than using our new Silhouette Cameos to decorate!  We would HIGHLY recommend one for your home/classroom! 

We both wanted to decorate our Cameos.

Rachelle's Cameo

Natalie's Cameo

Here are a few project Rachelle has been working on:
This is inspired by The Polka Dot Patch.

I'm going to laminate this and hang it on some ribbon! :)

Oh, hello! This is my project that I did for my door {and when I say project, I mean it took me about 3 minutes}.

 ...And here are some of Natalie's projects:

 A welcome banner for the hallway.

Labels for my library bins.
{Just found out I spelled 'Newbery' wrong. Sorry, I will for sure get that fixed!!}

Cute pennant banners for my windows.

A place to write the daily objectives on my white board.

Subject headers for my bulletin boards. 

As you can see, we are LOVING our new Silhouette Cameos! 

Do you want a Cameo????  Check out the giveaway at 
Blog Hoppin'! YES! They are giving one away!

Winners of our erincondren.com $50 gift cards are:
Rachel D.
Andrea (twosistersteach)
Congrats! We've emailed you! Thank you to everyone who entered!
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