Words of Wisdom - Vegas 2015

There is a ton of Vegas excitement in the air! The whole teacher-blogging  community is abuzz with talk about the upcoming Vegas conferences and meet ups happening in just under 2 weeks.

I'm not really sure how this happened, but have you seen how many people are attending our BIG Teacher-Blogger Meet Up?

Do you see that number up there? ----------^^^


Nine hundred thirteen people!!

Ummmm….. YIKES! Ya'll that is quite an amazing number! Like, I'm pretty sure we could enter this into the Guiness Book of World Records. How many teacher bloggers can you shove into a room in Vegas? Yes, we're doing it! (Good news, we have a MUCH bigger room this year!)

Along with the excitement of this whole Vegas event, comes some feelings of a little bit of fear or shyness. Rachelle's not scared at all, she lives for these big events. But the rest of us, I think, can start feeling a little overwhelmed.

So today, I'm here to give you some advice. This is our 4th year in Vegas so we've learned a thing or two over the years.

{#TBT to the first ever meet up in 2012!}

Our Words of Wisdom - Vegas 2015

1. Please say hello to all your blogging favorites. If you pass them on the escalator or you're passing them near the casino, SAY HI! Never be too shy to say hi, everyone is very friendly!

{Meeting new friends in the middle of the casino}

2. Don't feel bad if someone you know from online doesn't recognize you in person. I am the worst at matching names with faces and blogs. (Luckily we'll all have our names and buttons printed on our name tags at the meet up to help with this.)  I always introduce myself and my blog when I meet new people because I never assume that anyone knows who I am. 

{Group shot of all the teacher bloggers in 2013}

3. Don't stress about business cards, buttons, etc. If you have them great, if you don't, NO WORRIES! This is something that can be fun, but is definitely not necessary. 

{After the hypnotist show in 2013}

4. Don't over-plan yourself. There are like a million meet ups going on this year. Don't feel obligated to attend them all. You're going to want to have some downtime. You'll want to lay at the pool, or go shopping, or hit up the casinos. If your day is over-planned you'll miss out on some of the fun impromptu type activities.

{Relaxing poolside two years ago}

5. Be ready to make lots of new friends! No matter if you're going to Vegas by yourself or going with a whole group of BFFs, be prepared to form lots of new friendships. Who knows, these people could be your new blogging besties by the time Vegas is over.

{Picture - with PAUL - after the TPT Happy Hour last year}

In case you didn't know,
Rachelle and I are super excited to see ya'll there!!

{Last year at the Teacher-Blogger Meet Up}

Have you seen our list of amazing sponsors? Here's another peek at the generous people who are making the meet-up possible:

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