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If you ask a teacher what their favorite part of teaching is, they would most likely say teaching! Sounds a little silly, but it's true! A teacher's job description includes many more jobs including: planning, grading, team collaboration, bus duty, data collection, test administration, copy room tech… and many, many more! It's all these extra tasks that combine together to make the job of teacher extremely difficult. Teaching is the easy part! It's all the other hats a teacher must wear that make teaching (in my opinion) one of the hardest professions out there! 

One job that is often times quite difficult is communicating with parents. Today I'd like to share with you some ideas on how we can make the job of communicating with parents easier.

Parent Communication Log: It's very important to document phone conversations with parents. Detailed records of past phone conversations with parents could come in handy down the road if you were ever to encounter any problems.   

I always used to keep a spiral bound notebook by my telephone to jot down phone conversations quickly, but I recently made this binder cover and communication log that is much cuter! Simply make copies of the log sheet and put them in a 3 ring binder. It's an easy way to document your phone calls with parents. (You could also print off emails and collect any hand-written notes as well.) 

Just a tip: Don't forget to communicate with parents over positive things too. A phone call or email home about special accomplishments, letting parents know when their child met a certain goal, or just simply calling to tell them you love having their child in your class can go a LONG way! As a parent, I would LOVE to hear about the good things my own son was doing in class. Please don't forget to add positive communication with your parents as well!

Remember that you and your students' parents form a team and it will take all of you working together to have a successful year! 

Do you have any advice  for communicating with parents?
Please leave a comment are share your ideas!

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