Graphing Fun with a Game of BUNCO

Have you ever played BUNCO with your girlfriends? I was in a BUNCO group with 12 of my friends and we met once a month...each of us picking one time to host. The best part was being with my friends (and the food, duh), but we also had fun actually playing the game. It's a great tally graphing game and so I adapted it to play with my students!

The students play in partners and I have my 1st graders play with 2 dice (it's usually played with 3).
Round 1: Player one rolls and gets one point for every 1 they roll. If they don't roll at least 1, player two gets to roll. Each time they roll a 1 (because we are in round 1) they make a tally mark in the round 1 box.  If they roll both dice showing a 2, they get 2 tally points and yell out BUNCO. Get it?  

Round 2: The students are now trying to roll 2's. and get one point for every 2 they get. 

Round 3-6: Same thing but the number they are rolling for changes.

Make the rounds as long or as short as you want!  There are lots of variations for BUNCO if you google them. ;)

Click the picture to download!

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