Management Monday: Soccer Themed Behavior Cards

For Management Monday today I thought I'd share about the behavior management system I used in my classroom for the past 3 years. I wanted to create something that was effective at helping students manage their own behavior and was also something that my students could understand and relate to. 

The soccer theme is a way to make it more fun for your students. Since soccer is a sport that a lot of your students will be familiar with, they will understand the meaning of a yellow card or a red card. If your students aren't familiar with the rules of soccer, you can easily explain it in a way that makes sense to your students. 

Here's how it works:

This behavior plan follows a 3 step plan: verbal warning, yellow card, and red card. It also includes MVP awards to be handed out to students in your class who have outstanding behavior. 

Step 1 - Students who are not following the policies and procedures in your class will first get a polite verbal warning. (I usually go up to the student privately and privately whisper that I need them to remember the classroom the rules and politely ask them to fix their behavior.)

Step 2 - If after a verbal warning, students are still struggling to follow classroom rules and procedures, they will get a yellow card. The student will need to fill out the card and answer questions about how they can fix their behavior. They then sign the card as a promise that they will fix their behavior.

Step 3 - If after a verbal warning and a yellow card, your student is still not following directions, you can give them a red card. The card is the exact same as the one before, but is printed on red paper. I usually have the student go to another teacher's classroom or a quiet spot in the room where the student can reflect on their behavior before returning to class. Red cards can be sent home to parents or used to issue consequences in your classroom (I like to have them write an apology letter or sometimes I have them miss a few minutes of recess so I can explain why their behavior wasn't appropriate for class). 

MVP Cards - My students loved having the chance to earn MVP cards! I explained that MVP stands for Most Valuable Player and that they can earn MVP cards for their good behavior in class. I would look for different reasons to pass out MVP cards to my students. Sometimes it was for going out of their way to be kind, sometimes it was for setting a good example for the rest of the class, and sometimes it was for going above and beyond on an assignment. My students loved being able to go home and show their parents that they were the Most Valuable Player in class! 

I have found a lot of success with using this behavior management system in my class! I think it helps teach students to be more accountable of their own behavior and will help eliminate problems in your class. Most of my students would fix their behavior after the verbal warning and would never even get to the point where they get a yellow or red card. 

I have these printables available in my TeachersPayTeachers store. For the next two days (until Wed at midnight) I will offer this as a FLASH FREEBIE! You can go to my store and download this resource for FREE! After that, it will return to the regular price of $2.50.

I hope this will help your students learn manage their own behavior and will eliminate some of the behavior problems you are having in your classroom! If you use this, I would love to hear about your experiences in the comments!


STEM and STEAM Posters

Is your school heading to the land of STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) or STEAM (Same, but add art)? Last year, our school committed to becoming a STEM+A (plus Art) school. So far- I'm loving it!!! It has really got me thinking outside of the box for sure. I'm excited to share with you some ideas that I have with STEM in the future. For now, I've got some posters that I made for our 1st grade STEM+A Intro Day!

For our STEM+A Intro Day, we rotated all of the first graders (split into 5 groups) through our classrooms. Each teacher took on one of the letters and taught the students about the meaning of that letter and how we use it in every day life. We want our students to know that STEM is everywhere! Then, we did an activity based on the letter we had. I had Math and we played Pokemon Go Addition (totally made the game up...haha). 

These posters are great for my students to refer back to.

Click {here} to check these posters out!

Management Monday: Math Boxes

Organizing and managing (passing out) math manipulatives can be a PAIN! It takes extra time during the lesson to get them out, pass them out and then to put them away at the end. I like to save time with this tip that my team at my last school used.

My most used manipulatives are stored in little tupperware boxes that each of my students have inside of their desks!

They keep these boxes right inside of their desks. The tupperware/Gladware boxes are the kind that are "disposable" and found near the Ziploc bags. These boxes have lasted 7 years! Whenever we use a certain manipulative, my students can quickly grab it out and be ready for our lesson. 

Inside of their boxes I put the most used math manipulatives that we have. It took me a few years to accumulate all of the manipulatives that I wanted in their boxes.

If you'd like the number cards, you can click here. (Tip: copy the number cards on various colors of card stock to keep them from mixing up their cards with other students at their table)

Management Monday: Guided Reading Groups

How do you organize your students in their guided reading group and/or guided reading levels? I use a FOLDER!  Just add stickers with each level, laminate, and add velcro.

I just type up my students' names in a small font, copy on cardstock, laminate, and add velcro.

Then, I can visually see my reading groups as well.
Want this EDITABLE folder cover? Download for free {here}.

Want more ideas about Guided Reading? CLICK HERE.

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