Wonder (Freebie)

You've read it, right? The fabulous book by R.J. Palacio called Wonder? I cried and cried when I read it. I wanted to read it to my class, but I decided that it wasn't a good fit for my students at the time (it's recommended for 3rd grade and up). And then I found We're All Wonders (basically the picture book version of Auggie's story) and immediately read it to my 1st grade students! We had a wonderful discussion about how we treat others who are different from us.


I wanted them to make a text-to-self connection so I did a writing extension. Then I made a cover. Then I made a bulletin board. DOES THE WORK EVER STOP! HA! The writing can go with either book.

I wanted to spread a little kindness to you. You can snag this for free in my store! Leave me a little love in the feedback. 

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