Blocks Rock STEM Game!

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My school has recently become a STEM+A school, so I'm always looking for more resources! Two summers ago, I was given a Blocks Rock STEM pack and my students love using it in our classroom. I posted about it last school year and I'm here to tell you that they've added some features to the program and there's even more (free) fun!  They've included the cards for FREE, added all difficulty levels on the app for FREE, and of course the app is FREE! 

My favorite part of this block game is the technology component.  Although you can play this game without using the app, the app brings another element that my students just LOVE!  

I love the 3D aspect of this game and how you can differentiate the difficulty level on the app. You do not need to use the app for this game, but it is such a great extension (and it's free too).

Here's how the students play Blocks Rock:
  • The students get equal amounts of blocks (the game is for two players, but I had my students play in pairs so there were 4 students playing).
  • Player 1 flips over a card and both players create the picture using the blocks (I love that they can build it flat or 3D like a tower). There are two types of cards (Level 1/2).
  • The blocks have to be touching.
  • The first player to build their structure will ring the bell and they win the round (you can also have students touch their head when they are finished if you don't want to hear the bell).  If the structure isn't correct, the round continues...and the pressure builds! HA!
  • The player who wins the round, keeps the card.

My favorite uses for Blocks Rock:

* STEM rotations
* 3D shape introductions
* Indoor recess
* Rewards for positive behavior

What do your students learn while playing?

Color Identification: Players match the colored blocks to the colors on game cards.

• Problem Solving: Players arrange the blocks and fix when necessary.
 Shape IdentificationPlayers match block shapes to the shape of blocks on game cards.
• Spatial Learning: Players must build a structure to match the structure on the card.
 Hand-Eye Coordination: Hand-to-eye coordination is key to building a block structure
in the shortest amount of time.
• Math Skills: Points on the cards can be added up at the end of the game to determine
the winner, or younger players can count the number of cards each player has to find the

You're probably wondering if my students enjoy these activities and if it challenges them. 
If your principal is wondering if there is research behind the game, the answer is YES! 
Want to get your admin to pay for it? 
Show them this study on Blocks Rock and the effects it has on the brain!

Are you interested in trying this with your students?
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