You're one in a melon!

 Hi bloggy friends! I like you. I think you're "one in a melon" {this will make more sense as you keep reading}!  I know I don't ask for much, but today- I need your help!  If you feel like you can offer your advice or ideas, just leave me a comment or email me {}.

Question 1:

How do you get projects funded on Donors Choose?  I've written a project and only had 2 donations AND IT EXPIRES THIS MONTH! I feel super bummed!  I really want this ipod so that my kiddos can use it during Daily 5 next year {my first year doing Daily 5}.  Any tips on getting projects funded, especially ipods mean ilearn {<----click to see it}?

Question 2:

Do you have any brilliant ideas for my new classroom theme next year? I debated on doing Hollywood or Dr. Seuss, but then I decided on.....drum roll please......FOOD! I know, right? Weird. Do you get the title of the post now?   It'll be like a cooking/food theme. I want to know any play on words you have, bulletin board ideas, etc. I was inspired by this new DJ Inkers Bulletin board set:
Picture from


Mrs. Maute's Classroom said...

I have had 4 projects funded through Donors Choose. I send emails to the parents of the children in my class and ask them to forward to their families. I had a grandparent donate $200 towards my iPod Touch grant.

Journey of a Substitute Teacher (Ms. T) said...
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Journey of a Substitute Teacher (Ms. T) said...

A few of my friends had trouble gettting their stuff funded too this year.

For food... if you do like star students you can do "Apples of my eye".

I saw in another blog a wall called "Let's taco bout me" and they posted their writing there.

"Orange you glad you're in this class?"

Saw this today at Kindergarten Whales Tales :

Awesome word wall with popcorn!

Leslie said...


I created a bulletin board several years ago for my school's hallway. It featured a "chef" with a cooking spoon and the front covers of several books. The caption read, "Got Books?" (instead of Got Milk?)
Clear as dirt, huh?

My idea was published by Mailbox but I'd have to look up the month/year.
Sorry I couldn't be of more help!

Katie said...

fun stuff!! I have been debating my theme for next year too- I had a list going at one point... jungle, hollywood, western, superheroes... I finally just decided to go over to my local teacher store to see if anything struck me- and now I'm going with MONSTERS!! :)

GL with your theme planning and happy summer!

TeachingIsAWorkOfHart said...

Taco 'bout a great class
A piece of cake
Sweet as pie

Unknown said...

I have a friend who has gotten several things donated through donors choose. But I have not had any luck. I tried it this year because I too got an ipod. I tried sending it out to all of my parents and talked to everyone I know etc. But I didn't get any donations until the day my project ended. So therefore it didn't get funded.

P.S. Love the foo theme!

Anonymous said...

Sorry, I can't help you with the grant writing...that's something I've never delved into.

Your food theme sounds super fun, though! I'm sure you've thought of these ideas but...

"Recipe for a Great Year" (or your room number of grade level, etc.) and add "ingredients" like 26 students, 1 hardworking attitude, pinch of fun, etc.

"What a bunch of smart cookies!" for a good work board.

"Birthdays are sweet!" with cupcakes or cakes for each month

"Sink your teeth into..." with a mouth cutout and various food items

"Look what's cooking in Room....!"
for a classroom display

I'm sure your loyal followers will have some amazing ideas and we are all only too happy to share after all that you've share with us!


Kreative in Kinder said...

It took several months before my first project got funded, really down to the wire and I had quit checking it because it stressed me out. Then, I got an email that it was funded. This year I had four projects funded, but I worked to make it happen. I emailed friends, family, parents, etc. without being a bug-a-boo. :) I looked for a link on your blog so I could donate, but couldn't find one. So, post one silly! Read the DC blog and find out what new opportunities there are and email those people. When they had a science blog competition this year, I emailed one of the blogs and they put my project on their list and it got funded!

As far as the theme, I did monsters this year and loved it. Because I love change (I think I could be a tadd ADHD, lol) I am going with a Jungle theme for next year and have my whole team on board. I LOVE your theme idea. Post pics!! What about...Here's what we're cooking up! A recipe for Success. Whipping up something good. Yummy books read by the cook! Idk, maybe that didn't make sense, lol. Love your blog!

Journey of a Substitute Teacher (Ms. T) said...

Hehehe well *blushes* you are the one that did the taco thing...that's what I get for following so many blogs!

Brenda said...

for reaching goals~ "Hot Dog~ YOU DID IT!"---this could be individual awards or a bulletin board idea

YearntoLearn said...

Check Christina Bainbridge's website for wonderful Snazzy snack resources.


Yearn to Learn Blog

Shara said...

Check with Bing and Yahoo. I had a project funded last year because I got a lot of friends and family to set "Bing" as their homepage. When they did this, Bing donated $5 for each person who chose Bing as a homepage. Also, Yahoo has offered teachers $10 at one time. The teachers had to video someone saying "Yahoooooo!". For every 'yahoo' they got, they received $10. Finally, I also get a lot of help through Sonic. They do this gives you a little bit of hope. I live in a town of 3, I've had to rely on a lot of "out of town" helpers. Good Luck!

rhi0519 said...

Our school theme for next year is: "school Name has the recipe for success"
We are doing a food /recipe theme as well....excited about it!
Good Luck!

Dudo said...

Be patient with the Donor's Choose. I had no one funding my project and I was really worried. However, at the very end I got several donations and it was funded. Hopefully you'll get it!

Runde's Room said...

For your donors choose project, check out this link:

I just got her newsletter today and there was an article about donor's choose.


Laura said...

The food theme sounds yummy, but I think I'd be hungry all day! HaHa.
For a behavior chart you could use "We're minding our PEAs and Qs"

Can't wait to see the finally outcome. Please post pics!


Amanda Kicklighter said...

I did a bulletin board one time that said, "Nacho ordinary ____ Graders!" I put half a real basket and made "nachos" out of file folders with a little brown chalk on the edges. Each nacho had a kid's name on it. I had maracas and mexican themed stuff around it, but would fit well with your food theme.

Also, the hamburger paragraph chart would tie in well with that. I am sure you have seen it, the bread is the intro, lettuce and tomatoes are details, meat is the main idea or "meat" of the paragraph, bottom bun is the conclusion...something to that effect.

One more idea, "Spice Up Your Writing with Yummy Words" and put adjectives students could use in their writing.

I am liking your theme...can you tell! :)

Miss JoAnne said...

This theme sounds so fun! I'm picturing a checked table cloth for the background of a bulliten board. Also, the class helpers (or maybe the student of the week) could be chefs :)

Anonymous said...

I've done a total of 8 projects with Donor's Choose. Out of the eight, 6 were FULLY funded! Themes seem to always get people to fund more quickly! Good luck to you and to others.

Shanda said...

A cute blog 'first grader at last' had a great idea for rewards/incentives called Brownie Points. She actually had pictures of brownies with magnets on the back that she stuck to a mounted cookie sheet. Adorable!

Lessons Learned said...

I just saw this now. I didn't get my Donors Choose funded this past year. :(
But my last name sounds like Cone, like an ice cream cone I tell my kids, so my theme was ice cream kind of. I want to expand it to more sweets and cafe (which will tie into the Daily 5 too). I hope you don't mind if I borrow some of these ideas. I did do the brownie point thing. I also had Let's All Chip In. The letters were on paper that had chocolate chips all over it and their names were on ice cream cones, I want to change what their names were on. I also had "Monthly Specials" for birthdays. "Flavors of the Week" - I never got to use that one but I wanted to.
I also had a little lunch box that said "Sweet Treats" for candy (ya gotta have a bribe sometime. ;)

Lessons Learned

Kaley said...

welcome 'snack' to scool... have each of the students name on some sort of food

Kristen said...

Hey bloggy buddy! Thanks for the sweet words earlier!! I don't think I'm quite there for the nickname yet though. Your favicon came out great!
Kristen :)
Ladybug's Teacher Files

Shannon said...

Hi! First I'd like to say you have a terrific blog, I really enjoy it. Secondly, I have a food themed classroom and this will be my 3rd year with the theme. I haven't gotten tired of it yet :).
Maybe we could share ideas!

Shannon :)

Unknown said...

we have had very few teachers get projects funded from donorschoose.... those that did got a ton of donations through their parents. I would move n to other grants... I have had much more luck there.

Theme - last year we did box of crayons... there is a book that talks about a crayon box and how the colors didn't get along but then when they realize the picture they make together, they start to get along... it was cute

Unknown said...

Hey Rachelle can you send me the link of where you get your velcro rolls on Amazon. I want to make sure I get the right stuff


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