Leap Day!

Apparently February 29th is Leap Day! To be honest, I would have never even realized it if it weren't for being a teacher!  I learn a lot at calendar time each day. :)

This sale will only come once every 4 years!
You'll get 20% off in ALL of these TpT stores, 
PLUS an extra 10% off if you use the promo code L2P9Y

Thanks, Cheryl, for making this cute graphic!
Click on the picture above! It will take you to google docs and then you can click on any of the blue links and it'll take you right to their store! :)

So, head to our shops on Leap Day and use the code!

I know with over 7,000 sellers on TpT, we won't be able to advertise for everyone, BUT you can comment in this post and leave us your store's url if you're having a sale!

Do you want to advertise your sale?  Go to this linky party and LINK up! :)


Jen R said...

my store will be on sale toooooo :)

♥ Jen
The Teacher's Cauldron

Kelley Cirrito said...

I am so excited for the sale! I am giving away a giftcard on my blog to TpT. Come check it out! I would love for you to give my blog a shout out! Thanks for all you creative units!!

Busy Bees said...

It's like Black Friday all over...can't wait to put things in my cart all week!!

Sarah Mackey said...

My wish list is growing to a very LARGE size, YIKES! Can't wait until Wednesday, I will be throwing a sale in my store also, check it out here!1

Sarah Mackey
Mackey's Classroom

Mrs. Tolbert said...

Thanks for the info!



Kristin said...

I wish I sold stuff.
Oh well. I'll shop instead!
A Teeny Tiny Teacher

Unknown said...

I can't wait to stock up!!!!!

Im having a sale too!

Ms. Rachel’s Room

Andrea said...

Thanks for the info! Those springtime math centers are calling my name! My kiddos will love them! :)

Stepping Into First Grade

Ashlyn Ellsworth said...

My store will be having a Leap into savings sale on Wednesday!! Visit my store at


Mrs. L said...

My store will be on sale as well. :)
Life with Mrs. L TpT

Kelly said...

I'm having a sale too! If you get a chance, I would love it if you could stop by my blog. I'm having my first giveaway and you can stop by and check out the details. :)




Think, Wonder, and Teach said...

My store is joining in the sale! Visit it here at: http://www.teacherspayteachers.com/Store/Think-Wonder-Teach

Mrs Poland @
Think, Wonder, & Teach

Unknown said...

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