Spring is here!

Ok, not really.  But...I consider March 1st the first day of spring.  If you don't, you should start!  It's fun to wear flip-flops when there is still snow on the ground! :)

As our state moves to the new Common Core MATH, I'm trying to get ready! I've realized it's not a whole lot different from what we already do, but there are a few differences. I like what I see! :)  Even if you haven't moved to the new Math Common Core, I promise it'll be worth it.

Here are some math centers for you that will keep your kiddos busy from March all the way to May!

This packet of 13 springtime math centers are perfect for March, April and May. They align with the Common Core Math Standards for 1st grade, but would also be appropriate for kindergarten and 2nd grade. Perfect for math tubs!

All center activities come with a black/white and colored option {they all include one or more recording sheets}.

*Common Core Alignment Sheet
{shows you how they correlate with the CCSS}
*Rain, Rain, Go Away! {Place Value}
*Don't Eat the Jelly Bean! {120's chart}
*Time is Flyin'! {hour and half-hour practice}
*True or False? {Determining equal number sentences}
*Let's go Fly a Kite! {Measuring with non-standard units}
*Order up! {Ordering 2 digit numbers from least to greatest}
*10 More/Less
*Egg Drop {Place Value}
*A Puddle of Fractions 
*Sunny Subtraction
*Cloud Addition
*Turnaround Facts
*Greater Than and Less Than


Did you all hear about the Dr. Seuss copyright debacle?  Shhh.....it's the Seuss police! I must be very, very quiet.  I had to change the name of my Dr. Seuss on the Loose Centers. Apparently "Dr. Seuss" is copyrighted. The name? Really? But maybe it's not. There is LOTS of confusing and I'd rather be SAFE than  SORRY!  So...the new and completely CREATIVE name is...

Drum roll....

Wow...I completely amaze myself. Do you love it?
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