Management Monday - Read-A-Thon

Do you have your students earn 'mystery motivator' points for good behavior? If so, you might want to see how I use a class READ-A-THON as a reward for my class.

My class read-a-thon is something I look forward to all year long. I only do it once a year and I make my students earn it. It is a fun celebration of reading that promotes good reading habits!

Here's a copy of the note I send home to parents to inform them of the upcoming read-a-thon.

For a successful read-a-thon, here are some things to do before/during a read-a-thon:
  • Send a note to parents in advance (Click HERE to download)
  • Let students wear pajamas and bring snacks
  • Make it a fun celebration of reading
  • Write your rules on the board and go over them (see below)
  • Plan little reading activities to do during the day (see below)
  • Make sure your students have a chapter book (or for younger grades, a book box to get them through the day)
  • Move all desks to the side of the classroom. Let students find a comfy spot somewhere in the room. Let them use their blankets and pillows, if they brought them to school.
  • Have a spot on the white board where students can list the books they finish during the read-a-thon. It's fun to see how many books get read throughout the day!
My Rules for a read-a-thon:
  • Read, read, read!
  • Eyes in books
  • No talking, only reading 
I always tell my students that it's a read-a-thon, not a talk-a-thon. :)

Reading Activities:
  • Set a timer, when it goes off, have everyone meet together and read a picture book aloud to students.
  • Handout copies of a poem. Have students read them aloud with a partner to practice fluency.
  • If weather permits, take kids outside to read on the grass.
  • Invite a younger (or older) class to come in for storytime. Have your students read a story to them. 
  • If possible, take your kids to the school library to read.
Do have any other fun read-a-thon ideas?? I'd love to hear!! 

EDIT: Tina from Quench Your First pointed out that she does a read-a-thon to celebrate Read Across America Day, which is coming up on March 2nd. If you'd like to celebrate too, here's an edited note for you to send home: 

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