Management Monday - Read-A-Thon

Do you have your students earn 'mystery motivator' points for good behavior? If so, you might want to see how I use a class READ-A-THON as a reward for my class.

My class read-a-thon is something I look forward to all year long. I only do it once a year and I make my students earn it. It is a fun celebration of reading that promotes good reading habits!

Here's a copy of the note I send home to parents to inform them of the upcoming read-a-thon.

For a successful read-a-thon, here are some things to do before/during a read-a-thon:
  • Send a note to parents in advance (Click HERE to download)
  • Let students wear pajamas and bring snacks
  • Make it a fun celebration of reading
  • Write your rules on the board and go over them (see below)
  • Plan little reading activities to do during the day (see below)
  • Make sure your students have a chapter book (or for younger grades, a book box to get them through the day)
  • Move all desks to the side of the classroom. Let students find a comfy spot somewhere in the room. Let them use their blankets and pillows, if they brought them to school.
  • Have a spot on the white board where students can list the books they finish during the read-a-thon. It's fun to see how many books get read throughout the day!
My Rules for a read-a-thon:
  • Read, read, read!
  • Eyes in books
  • No talking, only reading 
I always tell my students that it's a read-a-thon, not a talk-a-thon. :)

Reading Activities:
  • Set a timer, when it goes off, have everyone meet together and read a picture book aloud to students.
  • Handout copies of a poem. Have students read them aloud with a partner to practice fluency.
  • If weather permits, take kids outside to read on the grass.
  • Invite a younger (or older) class to come in for storytime. Have your students read a story to them. 
  • If possible, take your kids to the school library to read.
Do have any other fun read-a-thon ideas?? I'd love to hear!! 

EDIT: Tina from Quench Your First pointed out that she does a read-a-thon to celebrate Read Across America Day, which is coming up on March 2nd. If you'd like to celebrate too, here's an edited note for you to send home: 


K and K said...

I have done theme read-a-thons. We did a survivor one where we took all the stuff we would need and went outside and read under the trees. The best is our camping/tent one. The kids make tents out of their desks and blankets and use flashlights to read :) They LOVE it!

Tina said...

We normally do a read-a-thon for "Read Across America" day which is on March 2nd this year.

Quench Your First

Kathy said...

I do read-a-thons too and we invite the principal, deputies, sport and music teacher to come and read a story to the class. Everyone loves this.

We usually watch a movie of a book we have read in the afternoon

Ashley said...

I have done a read-a-thon a few times before, but I have never used it as a mystery motivator reward (love the name)! And I love all of the ideas you have here! Thanks so much for sharing!


Unknown said...

What a cool reaward!

I like to do "mystery" readers, someone special comes in! Last time it was my hubs, the kids thought it was THE COOLEST THING ever! lol.

Ms. Rachel’s Room

Ginger Snaps said...

Such a cute idea!! I love it!

Ginger Snaps

Miss Kindergarten said...

I was going to say the same thing Tina said! Except I might just trick my kiddos into thinking that they earned it ;) lol!

Kristin said...

Loving this! I want to be in your class! :)
A Teeny Tiny Teacher

Anonymous said...

I used to LOVE doing a Read a Thon each year but had to change mine :( Due to lice issues we can no longer have students bring in pillows, blankets or have any of these in our rooms so instead we read "in the dark" using flashlights. Not as much fun, but still a nice change from the norm! We use tally marks to count the chapters and books we use and then graph them in Math class. I love Read A Thons!

Stellar-Students said...

I love this idea! Thanks for sharing your note. I would like to try this with my class on March 2.

I tagged you on my new blog @ Come check it out! Thank you!!


Unknown said...

Such a fun activity & an amazing reward for the kids!

❤ Mor Zrihen from...
A Teacher's Treasure
Teaching Treasures Shop

luckeyfrog said...

Beach read-a-thons are great, too. Sunglasses and a beach towel make it lots of fun.

We're also doing "Idita-Read" this year. Instead of fitting it into one day, we're reading for 10 minutes straight as a whole school until we reach the same number of minutes as there are miles in the Iditarod!

Unknown said...

Great Tips! Thanks!

Unknown said...

Thanks for the letters! I think March 2nd is Dr. Suess' Birthday as well. Plus my district has a min. day for report card grading on 3/2, so I think a Read-a-Thon sounds FANTASTIC!!! Thanks for the idea! :) ~Heidi V.

primary practice said...

What a cute idea! Thanks for sharing the ReadaThon letter for Read Across America!

primary practice said...

What a cute idea! Thanks for sharing the ReadaThon letter for Read Across America!

primary practice said...

What a cute idea! Thanks for sharing the ReadaThon letter for Read Across America!

Megan said...

My students loved having a Read A Thon. One of my colleagues questioned it and thought her students wouldn't see it as a reward...until my class had one and her students were begging to have one as well :)

Blackboard and Beyond

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