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At the beginning of each year, I send home a Parent Volunteer letter to my parents.  I am fortunate enough to work in a school where parent volunteers are abundant.  Even if some parents cannot come in and volunteer, I give them an opportunity to take projects home.

Here's what my volunteer note looks like:

Here's the form that gets attached, so that the parents can pick their time and how they'd like to help:

I just want to show you how I organize what I want them to do {My teammate Jessica showed me this way}. I keep the items (lamination cut outs, cutting projects, or testing materials) in bins organized by days of the week. If a parent comes in on a Monday he/she can check the Monday bin to see if there is any work for them to do right when they come in. Sometimes I don't have anything in there, that means I have something more specific for them to do. * Don't forget to chat with your volunteers! I always say hello, ask how they are doing, and what not!  It can get kind of hectic, but I always let them know how much I appreciate them.

I also have volunteers who help from home. I send home a "work bag" with something I need for them to help me with. I  include all the supplies needed with a note explaining what I need them to do and when I need it back to school by. Here's what the form looks like for my home volunteers:

This is the bag I send home the project in.

 I usually give them at least a week. Then on my own personal spreadsheet I have all of my at home volunteers on a list. I make sure to mark by their name what I sent home and when it is due. This ensures the parent doesn't forget to send it in and I make sure that I am not sending home tons of stuff with just one parent.

All of these are available to download for free! :)

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Lisa R. said...

Thank you so much!! I love these parent volunteer goodies!! It will help to keep me more organized where that's concerned! :)
Learning Is Something to Treasure

Courtney @ said...

These are great! I work at a school where you must have a background check in order to work with the kids.. we send home a note at the beginning of the year to fill out the form and explain it to them! No one ever returns it-then they wonder why they can't work at parties

Tanya said...

Love this idea! Thanks for the download!
Tanya ☺
First Grade is Fantabulous!

Mrs. Wheeler said...

Ok, I am jealous! My first grade team (of 4) are lucky to get one (total among all four of us) parent helper to run our copies, make things, etc...Never forget how lucky you are!!!

Mrs. Wheeler’s First Grade
Mrs. Wheeler TpT

Mrs. Griffith said...

Love your idea about keeping the materials in a tub for them to pick up if they come in. SO smart! I'm going to have to make some...thanks!!!

For the Love of First Grade

Unknown said...

Thanks for sharing your Volunteer forms....I just got back all of my forms for parents who want to volunteer....but with your forms I now can better organize who will do what....thanks so much!
-Lovely Nina

Lovely Little Learners

Natalies Nook said...

I love how you organize your parent volunteer work. I like that they immediately know where to go to look when they come in ~ especially helpful if you are doing a lesson. Unfortunately, we have lost most of our parents volunteers. They are all expected to have a police check on file (they are also expected to pay for the police check). This has had a significant negative impact on our schools. Quite often we can't even get enough parents to supervise trips ~ lots are cancelled as a result. You are lucky to have such an abundance ~ it sure helps with your workload:)

AlyseC said...

These are soooo helpful! I always get nervous when parents come in but this can help me manage my parents who want to volunteer and help me not feel so nervous! I have a new blog over at...

Keep Calm and Apple On

Check it out sometime!


cynthiajohnso said...

Thank you so much for sharing! I already have my sign up sheet printed and ready to go. I like your idea of the daily volunteer drawers! I too send home a bag with all of the supplies and written directions, but I am definitely going to use your form for recording who has what. :)

Unknown said...

Your volunteer sheet will be perfect to send home! I love how organized it is. Thanks for sharing :)


Stories from Room 114

Unknown said...

Parent volunteers are hard to come by in my school, but I've been doing home visits this summer so I'm hoping to have better results this school year. This download is EXACTLY what I had been wanting to make, but approximately a kajillion times cuter than it would have been if I had made it myself. Thanks! =)

Kristy said...

Thanks so much for sharing these forms. I usually don't have a lot of volunteers, but this year, I have 10 of 17 parents offer to volunteer. These ideas will help me organize the parents.
<a href=">Teachin' First</a>

Anonymous said...

I love your organization. I have a hard time getting parent volunteers, except for when we have class parties, for some reason. :o) I did want to point out one thing, which is that you have a small error on the days of the week form. The plural of Monday is Mondays, not Monday's. I hope I haven't offended, but I would switch that.

Unknown said...

Thank you so much for the download! I love the idea of sending home projects for the parents to do because they can't always come in, and the form where they can sign up on a particular day with a list of what they will be doing that day really helps!

Tacky the Teacher

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flamme03 said...

This is great! Do you have an editable copy?

Allen Jhon said...

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