Where Do We Teach?

Want to know why yesterday was a FABULOUS day??

-We both had our 1st day of school!
-Our close friend just had her beautiful baby girl!!
-It was Rachelle's birthday!!!
-It was our 2 year anniversary of starting this blog!!!!

Once again, we are linking up with Blog Hoppin. Today's topic is 'Where I Work Wednesday.'

Since school just started, our classrooms are all ready for the new year!

Here's Natalie's fun 5th grade classroom:

In honor of the Olympics, the upcoming election, and the fact that I teach American History, this room is totally decked out in red, white, and blue!!

Our welcome "bulletin." 
{Above the rings, we put each students' name on a gold medal.} 
View one.
View two.

{Thanks to Melanie from School Girl Style who gave me advice about how to arrange my lanterns.}

And how stink'n cute is this?? It was made from Amy Lemon's 'I am an Olympian' pack
This has been laminated and posted on our door. We can use dry/wet erase markers and write cute notes or reminders on it throughout the year! LOVE IT!!

{In case you're wondering... I used the words 'we' and 'our' because I am team teaching this year with a partner. I decided to switch to part-time teaching so I can spend more time at home with my two cute babies!! How lucky that I will only be teaching mornings and will get the spend the afternoons with my own little kids!!}

And Rachelle's classroom didn't change much from *last year*, but she did make this bulletin board!  You can buy all the pieces of this bulletin board in her TpT store *here*!!!!

Your turn!
Go link up with Blog Hoppin or at least drop by and see more incredible looking classrooms!VV
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