Where Do We Teach?

Want to know why yesterday was a FABULOUS day??

-We both had our 1st day of school!
-Our close friend just had her beautiful baby girl!!
-It was Rachelle's birthday!!!
-It was our 2 year anniversary of starting this blog!!!!

Once again, we are linking up with Blog Hoppin. Today's topic is 'Where I Work Wednesday.'

Since school just started, our classrooms are all ready for the new year!

Here's Natalie's fun 5th grade classroom:

In honor of the Olympics, the upcoming election, and the fact that I teach American History, this room is totally decked out in red, white, and blue!!

Our welcome "bulletin." 
{Above the rings, we put each students' name on a gold medal.} 
View one.
View two.

{Thanks to Melanie from School Girl Style who gave me advice about how to arrange my lanterns.}

And how stink'n cute is this?? It was made from Amy Lemon's 'I am an Olympian' pack
This has been laminated and posted on our door. We can use dry/wet erase markers and write cute notes or reminders on it throughout the year! LOVE IT!!

{In case you're wondering... I used the words 'we' and 'our' because I am team teaching this year with a partner. I decided to switch to part-time teaching so I can spend more time at home with my two cute babies!! How lucky that I will only be teaching mornings and will get the spend the afternoons with my own little kids!!}

And Rachelle's classroom didn't change much from *last year*, but she did make this bulletin board!  You can buy all the pieces of this bulletin board in her TpT store *here*!!!!

Your turn!
Go link up with Blog Hoppin or at least drop by and see more incredible looking classrooms!VV


Michelle Griffo said...

So many exciting things happening for you ladies this week! The room looks so adorable! :) I'm impressed on how perfect you made those olympic ring circles! :)
Apples and ABC's

Little Wife said...

I love how your groupings aren't in perfect rows- more space!

4321Teach said...

I love that you are a red, white, and blue theme, because my room is decorated in the same theme. It is a great year to be patriotic!
How amazing that you get to teach part time! My district allows us to do that too.
Enjoy the start of your year!

Young Teacher Love Blog said...

Thanks SO much for sharing!! I am a fellow 5th grade teacher/blogger and upper-el classroom tours are a RARE find!! I have been a blog "stalker" of you ladies for a LONG time!! I always LOVE to see your latest amazing creations! :) Thank you for the constant inspiration!!

Young Teacher Love 5th Grade Blog

Fluttering Through First Grade said...

Welcome back ladies. Hope your class is filled with fantastic friends this year! Happy Anniversary you two!
Natalie-yeah for job sharing (you will love it!)
Rachelle-Happy Bday! Hope you did something fabulous to celebrate! Cheers!

~Christy & Tammy
Fluttering Through First Grade

Kristen said...

I loved seeing your room Natalie!!! It looks absolutely perfect--beautiful, organized, calming! I'm so glad you will be able to have time with your babies, how wonderful!!

Rachelle, your bulletin board is so clever and adorable :)

Happy new school year girls!!

Eleanor Ricardo said...

The fifth grade classroom looks like a lot of fun! What kinds of books do the fifth-graders like to read? Do you ever have trouble engaging them?

Laura said...

Happy late birthday pretty girl Rachelle!! And CONGRATS to you both on 2 years! Wow seems longer than that for being so successful :) your classroom looks perfect!!

Unknown said...

Adventures with Andy book {I just stick it in a binder and put the writing pages in individual sheet protectors}. The kiddos take Andy home and play with him, then they have a parent help them write about it and draw a picture. This is their FAVORITE! {You can do any stuffed animal. In my student teaching, my cooperating teacher did this cute little frog because her classroom theme was frogs-I got the idea from her!elo boost
lol elo boosting service

jhon said...

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