The Mitten

It's that time of year again! THE MITTEN! I do this activity with my students every year and they love it so much!  I found Jan Brett's website and I just loooooooove it.  I printed, cut, laminated and attached a popsicle stick to the animal masks from "The Mitten" and my class and I are going to retell the story by using the masks and acting out each of the part.  I am going to use a white sheet as the mitten and my students will have to crawl in it as we retell.

 Then, we have a little creative writing activity where the students have to think of a different animal to crawl into the mitten and tell why.  The mitten is made with scrapbook paper and cotton balls.  Underneath there is a surprise!!!!

I only had my students glue the bottom of the mitten.

I just made a bunch of mittens from cardstock and the kids used them to trace their mitten.

Clipart and/or fonts copyright DJ Inkers and used with permission:
Click HERE for the writing activity.  Click HERE for the mask downloads from Jan Brett's website.


Unknown said...

Super cute ideas! LOVE!!!!

First Grade Fanatic!

Traci Clausen said...

LOVE it. The scrapbook paper absolutely MAKES this! The kids must love the little "surprise". Too cute!!

Sally Pearce said...

This is so cute!! I wish it was winter in Australia so I could, use these great activities! You make it look so easy, but I know how much times goes into making these resources. Thank You!

I'm trying to get to 20 followers on my blog and when I do each of these 20 followers will get a huge sight word bingo and soccer spelling game!


Mona said...

This is a great writing idea. We read mitten stories each year. I'm adding this to my mitten activities. Thank you!

MonaFirst Grade Schoolhouse

Angie said...

Thanks for sharing :) I love the Mitten and Jan Brett's books. I'm going to add this to my file!!

Rulin' The Roost

Michelle Griffo said...

I am SO doing this with my kiddos! Love it!

Annie Moffatt said...

Another home run!! I LOVE it!
The Moffatt Girls

Elizabeth said...

Super cute idea! Jan Brett is one of my favorite units! Wanted to let you know I am doing an MLK giveaway on my blog :)

Unknown said...

Oh I love your Mitten activity!! We are going to be reading it next week for sequence of events and retelling! Thanks so much for sharing!!

First Grade in Foxwell Forest

Lindsey (The Teacher Wife) said...

I love the mitten! So cute!

Unknown said...

Thank you for the cute idea! We will do this next week! : )

Kristy said...

We do The Mitten every year. This is great. Thank you for sharing!
Teachin' First

~DeAnne~ said...

This is so cute! Thank you for sharing!

First Grade and Fabulous

Terri Paulson-Sasaki said...

This is so cute. We are defintely going to do this next week. Thanks for sharing.

The First Grade Princess

Darling Little Learners said...

That is such a cute idea!!

Darling Little Learners

Unknown said...

I love those masks. I love Jan Brett. We just did The Mitten too! We compared and contrasted it with the Treselt version. Have you used her website videos in class too? She shows you how to draw her animals! My kids were obsessed!


Kerri and Lindsay said...

This is fabulous! I needed a Mitten writing activity to go along with our art project and here it is. PERFECT!!
Thanks girl!
XOXO Kerri B
Teacher Bits and Bobs

Ruthanne said...

Thanks! Love this idea!

Unknown said...

It is really nice sharing i like the way you shared such nice post thanks for all the effort.

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Unknown said...

I love Jan Brett! I try to get all her books soon a they are out. The first book I bought of hers was "The Mitten". I love that story.
I found you on pinterest just now regarding your tip with the glue bottles.
Nice blog, you have a bunch of interesting post I want to read, so I bookmarked you. I also live in Utah.

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