I Love You "Beary" Much!

We've been learning all about bears in my classroom.  We smashed a whole bunch of fun/learning into one week! All of these are available in my Bear Unit {on sale this weekend!!!} and are perfect for the weeks leading up to Valentine's Day.

We snuck in some gummy bear sorting! I LOVE the fact that they say that they love this "game".  They have no idea they are learning!

We sorted the Fact and Opinion cards and then wrote an opinion piece on our favorite type of bear:

All of these {and more... 100+ pages} are available in my TpT store
This unit is on sale this weekend!

At the end of the week, I gave them these little bookmarks {available for FREE below}:

Clipart and fonts on the bookmark are from KPM doodles and Kimberly Geswein Fonts
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