The Mitten

It's that time of year again! THE MITTEN! I do this activity with my students every year and they love it so much!  I found Jan Brett's website and I just loooooooove it.  I printed, cut, laminated and attached a popsicle stick to the animal masks from "The Mitten" and my class and I are going to retell the story by using the masks and acting out each of the part.  I am going to use a white sheet as the mitten and my students will have to crawl in it as we retell.

 Then, we have a little creative writing activity where the students have to think of a different animal to crawl into the mitten and tell why.  The mitten is made with scrapbook paper and cotton balls.  Underneath there is a surprise!!!!

I only had my students glue the bottom of the mitten.

I just made a bunch of mittens from cardstock and the kids used them to trace their mitten.

Clipart and/or fonts copyright DJ Inkers and used with permission:
Click HERE for the writing activity.  Click HERE for the mask downloads from Jan Brett's website.

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