A Pair of Pears

I just had to share how cute these came out! We have been learning about homophones and so I introduced the topic with the book Dear, Deer and then used Sarah Cooley's Pair of Pears Pack! ADORABLE!

{Purchase Here}

And my favorite of ALL time!  
All of our Instagram Followers {@whattheteacherwants} saw this last week:

PLEASE check out Sarah's Pack:


My First Love said...

That BEAR/BARE pear is ADORABLE! I will have to get myself a copy of Dear Deer. Thanks for sharing!
My First Love

Sarah Cooley said...

LOVE the bear bare! Funny stuff! Thanks for the shout out Rachelle! I'm glad your kids had fun with the pears!!! :)

Katie Knight said...

Adorbs... what more can I say? Too cute for words!

Traci Clausen said...

bwahaha... ADORABLE!

Nancy said...

This is awesome! I love the way they turned out! :)

Jessica Lawler said...

I LOVE teaching homophones - they are SO fun and the kids always get a kick out of them :)

Joy in the Journey

Nancy VandenBerge said...

LOOOOOVE the bear/bare!!! Absolutely precious!! Thanks for posting!!

Leslie said...

Ha ha! That's hilarious. Thanks for sharing your idea - clever.


Michelle Griffo said...

SUCH a cute activity!

Anonymous said...

What common core standard do you use with homophones for first grade?

Anonymous said...

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