Common Core Missing Number Math Game and Much More!

Today we played another version of "Eye Spy" with unknowns, but this time with unknowns is ALL positions of subtraction and addition equations. It's a tricky concept, but my students did pretty well. They quietly walk around and stop at a card with less than 3 people. They write the equation and solve it. Then, they visit another card.  I only did 10 cards today and we'll do the other 10 tomorrow!

Waddle We Learn?

Let's talk about the CUTEST chevron BORDER and LETTERS! I am seriously obsessed with it.  Thank you to Teacher Created Resources!  I really love their new chevron line. Check it out!

How cute are these pennant banners? LOVE!

And another one of my favorites from their chevron line is the computer paper.  I know Natalie will make something adorable with it! Go check it out!!!

And now on to my newest favorite thing (and the envy of all the teachers around me) new LOCK SMOCK from Brianna Price.  Our district has required that our door remains locked at all times in case of a lock down (so we aren't in the hall trying to lock up our door and putting ourselves in danger).  But, that means that our students were constantly locked out of our classroom...we tried to use magnet to stop it from "locking", but we were always losing them.  Finally, Brianna saved the day!  This Lock Smock allows us to keep our door locked, but we'll never be locked out.  I can easily unclip the Smock incase of a lockdown drill.  This Smock also makes it SUPER quiet when our door shuts!


Traci @ Dragonflies in First said...

A. "Waddle We Learn"... TOO CUTE!!!
B. Love the eye spy! Thanks! :)

Deb Maxwell said...

Thank-you for the eye spy. The lock smock looks great! :)

Not very fancy

Kim said...

Thank you so much for the eye spy! We start this unit soon- whenever the snow/ice melts!- and I know my kids will enjoy the activity:)

Amy said...

This is exactly "what the teacher want(ed)"!! Thanks for the wonderful freebie and the lock smack idea.

Fluttering Through First Grade said...

Love your sweet lil penguins! Our friends are in need of your eye spy game. Working hard on math facts right now. When 1+1=3 we have a problem. Never in all of our years have we had this answer! Yikes!

~Christy & Tammy
Fluttering Through First Grade

Unknown said...

Thanks for the freebie! Love it!!! I need to make an attempt at that lock smock for sure!
Dirt Road Teacher

AlyseC said...

Awesome freebie! Sounds like your kiddos had a good time with it. I really love that lock smock idea. It should be adopted in all schools. It's so much safer than having to go out and lock the door from the outside!

Keep Calm and Apple On

Sunlight On My Shadow said...

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