February 11th - Safer Internet Day

Tomorrow, Feb 11th, is 'Safer Internet Day' and you can celebrate with your students by going to one of my very favorite websites for kids: NetSmartzKids.

NetSmartzKids is the best website I've found for teaching students about being safe on the Internet. The whole website is educational and entertaining. My students have loved watching the videos, playing the games, and reading the books.

Here are some of my favorite things on this website:

 It's Ok to Tell is a short video that teaches students what to do if they see something bad or something that makes them feel sad on the Internet. It has some really funny parts that my students always laugh really loud at, but it does a great job of teaching students that it's ok to tell an adult if something makes them feel bad.

This song, Know the Rules, is a fun way for students to learn about rules of staying safe on the Internet. Your students will love dancing around while they learn the rules of staying safe.

Bad Netiquette Stinks is a video about using manners and being kind while online. It's also a great way to start a discussion about cyber bullies.

If you have a little extra time this week, I recommend showing your students this website and reminding your students how important it is to stay safe on the Internet.
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