Super Book Shopper of the Week

We want our students to pick "good fit books" independently, right?  We can't always be standing over their shoulder watching the books they pick from our classroom library or the school library.  It's that time of year in 1st grade where EVERY student wants to be reading chapter books.  I love their ambition, but it's just not doable.

Every student is different and my students know when they are ready for chapter books. I STILL have some students picking chapter books on their book shopping day when they are not ready to read that difficult of a book (it drives me nuts).  Because... that means during Daily 5 they are sitting there during Read to Self struggling over every single word and probably don't even read 2 sentences in 15 minutes.

You can download the Book Shopping tracker {here}

Here are some Pinterest ideas for picking good fit books (click the picture):

To help my students get motivated to pick books that are just right for them...... I started a little competition this week.  Here's what the winner will get...

At the end of each week, I look through their book boxes and I check to see who has a box full of "good fit books".  I pick 2 students per week and those Super Book Shoppers get a cute little necklace to wear and they also get to go "shopping" in my prize box!  It's a great motivator!

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