Keyboarding Skills

I've been trying hard all year to help my students become more proficient at their keyboarding skills. We work hard in class to improve our speed and accuracy, but it's also helpful if students can practice at home. 

Here are some websites that you can use to help your students (or own children) practice their keyboarding skills:

Online Lessons:

Practice Games:

Speed Tests:

If you want a paper note to print out to send home with parents, you can use this one I typed up. It includes the Utah benchmark goals (per grade level) for words per minute, to help give parents an idea of where their children should be. 


Martha Carter said...

Thank you for the useful resource. I have tried a few but now have more sites to choose from. I appreciate the range in grades.

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Cassie said...

These are great resources! Trying to get my third graders to type can be very frustrating! Thanks for sharing!


Brittany Bermingham said...

Thank you for these GREAT typing resources! Especially the handout for parents -- so neat! Are you familiar with Typing Web? That is another great typing resource and allows you to keep track of students progress.
the {Art} of learning

Rachel Vincent said...

Thanks for sharing these great sites and ready-to-go parent letter! Awesome-sauce!
A Tall Drink of Water

Anonymous said...

These link are really helpful! We were just discussing how much we need to work on this in our own school- thanks :)

aliya seen said...

Our typing speed tests is easy to use. All you have to do is click the form and start typing! As you type, words for you to follow will appear.

Don M. Arbogast said...

You are working so good to improve the techniques and knowledge of the students. It is very necessary to type the words so fast with coursework paper and it is the latest demand of every sector. You should work in this courage and I am sure you deliver this knowledge to more other students.

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SK Jennifer said...

Helpful post.

SK Jennifer said...

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