Guided Reading Mini-Lessons {Games, Activities and Resources}

It's kind of like I had a baby and I'm just presenting it to the world. Just like when Simba was presented to the kingdom. ;)  I've worked SO hard on this pack because I needed it so badly for my own teaching and now I'm presenting it to you. Hopefully this pack helps you as much as it's helping me!  Sometimes planning mini-lessons in Guided Reading can be daunting, boring, monotonous, and down-right annoying.  THIS pack will give you ideas to help those young readers!

Perfect for kinder and 1st grade! But don't go...I have one for 2nd and 3rd (see bottom of post)

Do you want to know why this pack is my baby?  It's 250 pages and contains all of this:

Reading Skills:
  • Word Decoding Strategies
  • Word Question
  • Word Question Bookmarks
  • Guided Reading Journal

  • Narrative Spinner
  • Informational Spinner
  • Narrative Story Board
  • Informational Story Board
  • Comprehension Question Rings
  • Making Connections Posters
  • After Reading {Graphic Organizer}
  • Story Map {Graphic Organizer}
  • Text Map {Graphic Organizer}
  • I’ve Got the Facts {Graphic Organizer}
  • Using Clues for Predictions {Graphic Organizer}
  • Character Countdown {Graphic Organizer}
  • Word Web {Graphic Organizer}
  • KWL  {Graphic Organizer}
  • Venn Diagram {Graphic Organizer}
  • Question Words {Graphic Organizer}
  • Sequencing Events{Graphic Organizer}
  • A Story Takes Flight {Graphic Organizer}

  • Alphabet Chart
  • Consonant Blend Chart
  • Spelling Pattern Chart
  • Spelling Pattern Posters
  • Vowel Chart
  • Consonant Digraph Chart
  • Consonant Digraph Posters
  • Spelling Pattern Word Card
  • Zap! Word Game
  • Digraph Puzzles
  • Short Vowel Fill-In
  • Word Family Book
  • Spin and Blend Chunks
  • Monster Munch! Word Chunk Game
  • Freeze! Word Chunk Game
  • Long and Short Vowel Sort
  • Long and Short Vowel Posters
  • Word Stairs
  • Zooming Sound Boxes

  • Sight Word Saber Game
  • Sight Word Swat Game
  • Fiddle Sticks Sight Word Game {Fry Words}
  • Star Gazer Sight Word Find
  • Fry Phrases {Group 1-4}
  • Sight Word Mats
  • Silly Voices Cards
  • Sticky Note Sight Words
  • Nursery Rhymes and Poems (6)
  • Poetry Walk with Mr. Fuzzy

  • New Word {Graphic Organizer}
  • Super Word {Graphic Organizer}
  • Word Wizard Poster
  • Word Wizard Book
  • New Word Fold and Cut

Here's 2nd Grade's:

Here's 3rd Grade's:

This page isn't included in the pack, but it's a GREAT tool to guide you in the right direction when picking a mini-lesson! This gives you an instructional focus for levels A-N.

Click {here} for the download

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