Guided Reading Mini-Lesson {Storage & Organization}

Today I'm sharing how I store all of my games and supplies that I use for guided reading mini-lessons

I made these storage benches a few years ago.  I've finally stocked them up with some guided reading materials so that I can have quick access. 

I keep marker boards inside of the storage benches.  I also have markers and erasers in one container in the next bench. We use marker boards a lot!

I also have container after container of games and centers.  Some of them I store in the benches, and some are in my cupboards.  They are all labeled. And yes, we spell words with Fruit Loops. 

I just used bulletin boarder to spice up my drawers.  In the bottom two drawers, I keep the games that I use all of the time.  They are labeled comprehension, fluency, vocab, and word work. 

Any supplies we *might* even need can be found in the drawers next to my desk.  Witch pointer finger, reading rock star glasses, pencils, markers....  all be found in these drawers. They are labeled so that my students can easily find what we need.

 Many of my graphic organizers and posters are in the file box behind my desk. 

My comprehension graphic organizers are all separated in folders. I keep enough graphic organizers copied to last me months! :) 

 Sometimes, because we don't like to waste trees, I have my students fill out their comprehension graphic organizer in a page protector with a dry-erase marker. They love it!

Here's how I organize those graphic organizers in a binder (there are 6 of the same graphic organizers ready to go). 

I keep word work card games in soap containers!

I am just overwhelmed with the sweet feedback I've received on my Guided Reading Mini-Lesson Pack. :)  I just really NEEDED this pack for my classroom and I hope you can use it in yours too!  It's perfect for Kinder and 1st graders....and at over 250 pages, there's something for everyone!

Check it out HERE!

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