Writing Descriptive Sentences

Are you as frustrated with these types of sentences from your students as I am??? 
"It is fun."
"I like it."
"She is nice."

But... it's MY fault they are were writing like that. It's my job to teach them how to make descriptive sentences. So, we started learning about adjectives. I love Kristin's Parts of Speech Cards!

And then we snuck in some synonym work! You can read about my Fancy Word Pack {here}.

And we finished up with learning about BLAH sentences and WOW sentences with Kelley's Pack! It was SO MUCH FUN.  You can read more about how she uses it in her classroom {here}

*The BLAH and WOW words with the 2 boys clipart is not in Kelley's pack. 

We did a LOT of practice and modeling before I let them loose to turn a BLAH sentence into a WOW.  After we did some of Kelley's practice pages, my students were ready to try on their own.  I had them read the BLAH sentence that was given to them (they all got a different one).  Then, on a piece of scrap paper, they brainstormed ideas and details that they could add to their BLAH sentence.  They even practice writing their sentence before they got to write it on their final drafts.

I had them illustrate their WOW sentences (see how I snuck in a little visualizing with this).

I hope this helps your students build great sentences!


Amber O. said...

I have Kelley's packet and LOVE it, as well! But I don't remember those cute "blah"/"wow" Melonheadz signs being included…did you make those? GREAT post with fab ideas!

Fluttering Through First Grade said...

OMG this is spectacular! Thanks for the "spark" to ignite our writing. Now is the time of year that they should be stretching past those blah sentences. Much needed!
~Christy & Tammy

Kristin said...

Wow --- thanks for the shout out!!! :)
And you're inspiring me to get this going now!

Unknown said...

This is a super idea! My kids also have a hard time creating WOW sentences. Thanks for sharing!

Unknown said...

I love "I feel chipper"! I need to do this with my students in Korea. I am so tired of hearing, "I feel so-so." Who says that?
Southern Fried Teachin’

Unknown said...

Ok, my TPT cart just went from empty to full- thanks!! Awesome ideas, thanks for sharing. I love when stupendous ideas are gathered in one place...

Keep Calm and Love First Grade

Traci Clausen said...

OH! This is PERFECT! Those blah sentences annoy the heck out of me!

TeacherTeacher said...

I love the displays in your class. We use WOW words for writing but WOW sentences and BLAH sentences its a great idea. THanks for the wonderful tips :)

Rusty Secrist said...

Can you please tell me which melonheadz clip art pack those faces came from???

Mrs. Garcia said...

Me too! I really want to know which Melonheadz bundle the clip art is from. I love that you gathered great resources in one post. Time to go shopping.

Unknown said...

Please tell me which melon heads clip art packs those faces came from and the cute letters.

Email me ljgurley@aol.com & lgurley2011

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Unknown said...

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